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To understand the world

Universe is an immense "whole" of phenomena of dual nature ; in other words, world is composed of a duality of powers : physical and transcendent.

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To understand the world …


 To understand the world, here we are in front of a problem much more complex that the one anticipated by the scientists, the philosophers and the theologians for more than two centuries, if only because the universe is an immense "whole" of phenomena of dual nature ; therefore, the answers given to the questionings that it sets, impose more that yesterday, a very big conceptual and semantic rigor.


So and for example, for the spirit in search of primordial causes, the cosmology must be considered not as the science of the cosmic phenomena like that is collectively understood, but as the science of the cosmic phenomena which are recognized and interpreted by taking into consideration only their physical nature (their essence) because to the physical world is inexorably associated a transcendent world, in particular that is attested by the creative entity who, livening up all the beings, recognizes herself in the man in the I (ego, subject, spirit).

Scientists with only their considerations physico-chimico-mathematical cannot thus express the universe in its totality (the Whole of the universe); in other words, their theories although all-embracing ignore the fundamental, the primordial !

As for the laws which " allow to express " the dynamics of the life's phenomenon and the behavior of the beings, they are not different, in their nature, from those : physical,  which allow to express the universal dynamics.

Talking of this, you noted our semantic insistence : which " allow to express ", because obviously, although that is never said, the laws are not operators that can recognize, judge, …, in fine, to decide and act.


Let us argue our new comprehensions about some truths of periods and civilizations !



It is a fact, the interpretation of the cosmic observations and  of numerous physical experiments, in particular, the quantum experiments, is "conditioned" by the understanding of the time ; thus let us meditate about it so as to reconcile at best,its various conceptions.


Certainly the formalization of certain cosmic chronologies by means of mathematical equations, allows to associate the space and the time, nevertheless for the one who does not want to ignore the "primordial", it is a disastrous confusion of the natures (of the essences, of the orders) of the time and space, inherent to fact that the space between temporal marks can be quantified by numbers, and put in concret form by the notion of space-time imagined by Hermann Minkowski (1864 - 1909) and adopted by Einstein.

But, a greatness although quantified by numbers, is also due to the sense which it expresses, an abstract entity and thus, it's an entity of transcendent order ; let’s specify that by transcendent nature we mean primordial nature different from the one, physical, recognized to the sensitive reality, in other words to what is objectified, "materialized".


How then, can we conceive and explain the association of time to physical marks (the clock hands, for example), knowing that the durations are not spatial intervals ?

According to us, in its nature, this association is similar to the union of the body and spirit (of the me, ego, subject); it is a relation of implication by means of a universal transcendent domain, unknown by the philosophers and theologians, and of which the abstraction's domain is a singular "facet",

and that we named : spacimplicatio resulting from the contraction of the Latin words : spatium (infinite size) and implicatio (implication's act).


Accordingly, we beware of theories which consider that exists different times adapted to complexity levels of the reality : the quantum time, the one of the atoms and molecules, the time peculiar to the life’s phenomenon and the cosmological time,  

and the ones that speak of the time's course and of its arrow.

And too, we can't speak of the absolute time ; there is only an absolute of the time which obviously is timeless !

As for the universal direction of the evolutions : of the past towards future, and the irreversibility of the transformations, what the thermodynamics is showing, they are resulting of a primordial cause expressed by the universal,  ceaseless and mysterious necessity of creating.


For all these reasons, the time turns out to be a universal potentiality ; this one after its "materialization" in durations, these mysterious intervals which are not of the space as we said it previously, allows to integrate the evolutions into chronologies.

It is thus, a revolutionary comprehension which allows to understand better the instantaneousness and the simultaneity of certain interactions, as the instantaneous action which characterises the gravitational attraction.


Besides, although the perceptions are relative as the equations of H. A. Lorentz (1853, 1928), have shown, the durations have a "realism" that is adapted to the matter's complexity and necessitates of logics that are not conventional to be expressed.


As for the "relative" and the "subjective", they are universal constraints and thus, all the knowledges and truths are relative  subjective, of periods and of civilizations,

and if they are of false truths, they are nevertheless of auras which enlightened and still are enlightening the intellectual ways (the progressions).


The introspection of the abstraction’s domain is also rich in essential informations for the understanding of the world, in particular, it gives evidence of a timeless spiritual life  specific to all the beings.

Indeed,  this domain is timeless because we can go from past to future and from future to past while judging constantly in the present moment which has no duration,

and also, for example, because the cats and dogs are dreaming, whereas birds of prey don't go directly on their preys, but on virtual points situated to crossing of anticipated trajectories, their trajectory  and those of their victims.


But and regrettably, this spiritual life and the correlative intellectual virtualities have never really been objects of debates.

Saint Augustin, himself, who was sensitive to the "beyond" and to the eternity :

"I know that there would not be nor, if nothing was finishing, the past ; nor if nothing was occuring, future time ; and nor if nothing was existing,  the present time,...

As for a present, that is always present, that is not going to a past, it would not be time, it would be eternity. " (cf. Confessions - Livre XI, 14),

never has imagined, no more than Descartes, the I (ego, subject), the spirit, the concepts, the ideas, …, and all the "virtualities" which participate in the knowledge, as being of transcendent nature.




These analysises which contradict of numerous current "a priori", obviously are leading to reconsidering multiple scientific theories, and too because the physical behaviors of the micro and macro-worlds of which we participate, and those which, at the quantum level of our interiority, root us in the universe, are expressed by different mathematical formulations ; yet all these worlds "obey" to same fundamental solicitations.

What about these solicitations ?


Let’s consider for example, the solicitation of gravity that is the force of gravity, common to all the mass objects (which have a mass) ; curiously, it is expressed only by "mathematical objects" (vectors and numbers).

In other words, the scientists have only a geometrical understanding of it within the framework of various solutions, more or less relativist equations, where the space-time plays an essential role.

Therefore, and from now on convinced that everything began after a mysterious Big-bang, in particular the time(weather) and the space, the physicists in their immense majority, ignore magnificently what is to potential state, that is what is waiting the materialization, the realization.

Yet the solicitation of gravity, as all the physical and psychic strengths, at first, is a means, a potentiality which is adapted to the complexity levels of the matter, and allows its coherence and its evolutionary dynamics,

and if at the quantum level, it turns out extremely weak, it is nevertheless the expression of a singular state of the physical energy, among others.


Besides, let us underline, the disastrous ambiguity of the theories which treat the "behaviors" at the quantum level : the quantities (lengthes, surfaces, the volumes, …) are recognized as "geometrical operators", giving so, "powers" to numerous solutions of mathematical equations.

Of this fact, according to the imagination of quantistes, these explorers of the quantum world, appear notions ceaselessly more esoteric and often unrealistic : arrow of time, spin foam, sheet of universe, anti-particles, anti-matter, anti-world, multiverse (meta-universe), …

Gaston Bachelard (1884 - 1962) was mocking this use of  the parameter when he was speaking of the ones who "work of the parameter ", expression which we spread gladly to other activities : "work of the concept" for the philosophers ignoring the primordial causes and "work of the speech" for the politicians, with as backcloth the "work of the hat" for the visionaries.

Thus let’s remain realistic !


Let us be interested in the "relation" between the energy and the matter ; this one was postulated by A. Einstein in 1905, by means of the famous equation : E = mc ², after of the mathematical speculations taking into consideration the works of H.A. Lorentz.

Regrettably, this equation which excludes the return of the matter to its primordial state of energy, conditions so much the current scientific logics, that the cosmologists never speaks of demassification of the matter, still satisfied, it seems, with the Big-bang’s theory.

But then, how the universe can be from time immemorial, without permanent recyclings of the cosmic matter ?


Fortunately we know from now on, that in the cosmos, there are immense zones where celestial bodies disappear for ever, without trace.

What can we say reasonably, concerning these black holes, named so by the astrophysicists because no radiation escapes from them due to intensity of their gravitational field, but nevertheless attested by the important quantities of radiations (X-rays, …) emitted by the cosmic matter before its disappearing ?

The scientists characterize them by an "event horizon " which shows that it is not possible to perceive objectively, the phenomena which take place in them ; to tell the truth, the notion of influence zone, allows to express better the importance of the masses that are and will be destroyed.

There are so several "sorts" of black holes : the ones that follow the gravitational collapse of a star (stellar black hole) or the ones inside galaxies with an influence zone of several billion solar systems (galactic black holes).

Between these two scales of size (greatness), it is also logical to think that there are black holes with an intermediate influence zone, even, we can imagine primordial black holes (quantum black holes) that can be argued, in part, with calculations based on the quantum thermodynamics.


Besides, the fact that inside the black holes, the cosmic matters lose their specificity (their identity) and that the quantum events too lose their individualities when they become infinitely small, allows to believe to "realism" of a homogeneous state where the energy has neither characters, nor dimensions.

Although this homogeneous state is not expressible by mathematical speculations and physico-chemical formulations, we postulate its "existence" and consider that it is the primordial source of the energies : the universal Energy, about which the scientists speak, but ignore it in their theories !


For all these reasons, we are convinced that the universe is an immense and eternal whole, for ever unfinished, of creations and of ceaseless "renewals", and  we re-express the postulate of Einstein, by the reversible formula : E ↔ mc² so as to mean that the universal dynamics presupposes at the same time,

- of permanent and diverse massifications of the universal Energy leading to the particles, atoms and molecules,

- and of constant demassifications of cosmic matter with return in their primordial state of universal Energy.


So, according to us, the universe is infinite and eternal due to the universal Energy, that is a physical Energy without dimension and timeless that, by means of mysterious processes of massification and of demassification, enables the various states ceaselessly renewed of the matter.

Then, we understand better why the universe is not homogeneous ; nevertheless and we have to say it, its unhomogeneities are not fruits of laws but the correlative facts of processes as are it, the fluctuations in the cosmic background radiation.


We are thus, far away from the current theories which try to convince us that the creation of the universe took place there are 13,7 billion years after a mysterious Big-bang ; nevertheless, we admit gladly that a piece of the cosmos began to form at this period further to a small "bang" and of extraordinary nucleosynthesises.

As for the primordial origin, as for the eternal source of the phenomena, in particular of the multiple bangs, it remains absent of the scientific, philosophic and theological cogitations ; it is true, by classic logics or strictly scientific logics, we cannot argue a source which would come from nowhere,

and no more, a source of transcendent order !

We have to specify also, that the logics are the expressions of transcendent links which enable coherence of the concepts, of value's references, ideas, theories, …, of virtual representations of the reality, …, which "furnish" the  abstraction's domain (it’s an original definition).


Let us add because we have noticed it many a time, that the concept : cogito and its declensions (for example,  cogitations), are "deranging" enormously the intelligentsia if only because when we think a reality, whatever it is, oneself or the world, this activity of understanding presupposes obviously, that we are outside the oneself and outside the world to judge it ; thus, we are in a transcendent domain ; regrettably this domain, the one of the abstraction, has never been object of serious debates.

To tell the truth, nowadays the notion of transcendence and what it implies, are almost a taboo !


You have noticed it, we use the expression : we think a reality, because :

"…we must avoid ambiguity of the word : thought, because we can take it for the thing which thinks, and also for action of this thing." (cf. Descartes - Metaphysical Meditations, Letter to Mr Clerselier),

a commun semantic vagueness very old ; Aristotle, had not he seen in the logic "the thought of the Thought" ?


Then,  what about the operator who is master of the time and of the sense, who knows himself in the we (I, ego, subject, spirit) knowing that the origins of the universe are paradoxically in and outside the reality ?,

what about this omnipresent and unique operator who leads the world and animates the beings, showing so, that the events do not arrive in a totally aleatory way (anthropic principle) ?

Indeed, how for example, can we ignore that the body is permanently reconstructed by respecting rigorous chronologies, by renewals of cells and ceaseless exchanges of cosmic quantum particles which are vectors and memories of sense ?




Short historical account.

Let’s say that, once more, with their theories, the physicists try to understand the rôle and the impact of the space and of the time in the evolutionary behaviors of the cosmos.


There was in particular,

- Alexandre Friedmann with his proposal (year 1927) of dynamic universe with a negative curvature and with a matter density varying in the time,

- Georges Lemaître (1927 ) who was convinced of an expansion constantly accelerated of the universe,

- and Edwin Hubble (1929 ) who proved this expansion further to his cosmic observations.


Then came  the need to connect the cosmic and quantum dynamics ; Georges Lemaître (1931) will imagine this interdependence in a original way, with several simplistic a priori ; let’s quote :
" If we go back up the course of the time, we have to find always fewer quanta, until we found all the energy of the universe concentrated in a small number, or even in a single quantum. But, in the atomic phenomena, the notions of space and of time are only statistical notions : they become blurred when we apply them to phenomena which necessitate only few quanta … If this suggestion is correct, the beginning of the world took place a little before that of the space and of the time. ".

Simplistic indeed, because when the durations are recognized as being of intervals which are not spatial, they are so, the time cannot be considered as a statistical notion but as a potentiality of transcendent order which after its "materialization as to be a reality" in durations, allows to integrate the evolutions into chronologies, it's  thus an eternal potentiality beyond the space.the evolutions into chronologies,

thus an eternal potentiality beyond the space.


The way was then opened for new theories concerning the origin of the world, in particular the ones which tried to persuade us that the universe was born from a Big-bang.

What can we retain as for these theories ?


In course of the 1950s, Thomas Gold (US), Hermann Bondi and Fred Hoyle ( GB) have imagined an eternal universe with a field of creation to negative energy as source of  the particles which participate in the expansion of the cosmos ; the idea of quantum creation was going to spread.

So, convinced that all the chemical elements result from extremely warm stellar domains, Ralph Alpher and Robert Hermann tried to explain the formation of the light nuclei (deuterium, helium and lithium) as coming from groups of nuclear particles ; they wondered then, if there was possible "vestiges" left by these cosmic syntheses and their calculations led them to envisage the existence of a fossil radiation to a temperature of about 5 K.


At the same epoch, during 1960s, Robert Dicke and James Peebles further to their mathematical speculations, has imagined oscillatory universes (expansion - contraction) without speaking however of demassification of the cosmic matter, as we propose it.

As for Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson after the construction of a specific radiometer, they detected and measured (in 1964/1965) a cosmic noise which was the fossil radiation (Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation).

Was this radiation unique ?


It has been only in 1992 that John C. Mather and George F. Smoot (Nobel of Physics 2006), will show by means of the satellite Cobe, that this radiation comes from several directions with it seems, the same intensity, what will lead the NASA to launch (June 30th, 2001) the WMAP (Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe) ; during the next years and until 2011, it will allow :

-  to confirm the fluctuations in the fossil radiation,

-  to give evidence of one of the age of the universe : 13,75 billion years,

- and to quantify the composition of the cosmos : 4 % of ordinary matter, 22 % of dark matter and of 74 % of enigmatic form of energy which would be responsible of the expansion's acceleration.


Taking into consideration all these observations and convinced that the evolutionary dynamics of the universe presupposes, as we argued it : 

- the massifications of energy,

- of the "pure" energy so as to allow the coherence of the cosmic objects and to move them,

- the permanent demassifications of the cosmic matter,

we consider therefore, that in the universe there are, at the same time, immense explosions and of myriads of extremely warm domains (billion degrees) which allow the nucleosynthesises.

On the other hand, we reject

- the idea according to which all the energy inherent to the universe, was concentrated in a only point and at a "moment" which would have preceded the appearance of the space and time,

- the theories where creative powers are given to mathematical operators, as the string theory, where waves are supposed to produce quantum objects.


As for enigmatic form of energy attested by means of the probe WMAP, we admit gladly that it is at the origin of the expansion's acceleration of the cosmos, more exactly, at the origin of the expansion's acceleration of universe's parts and it’s notably why we do not speak,

- of energy of the vacuum but of the energies which "are" in the vacuum,

- of primordial universe but of primordial  states of the universe,  nuances !


But then,

why, from time immemorial, is there energy and matter, rather than nothing ?,

why, relatively, only does  a very small quantity of universal Energy become matter ?



This new lighting thus, "thrown" on the cosmos’s understanding, leads, obviously, to reconsidering the notion of absolute, and so we have to speak rather of  primordial "sources" of the phenomena, because we can argue from now on the "realism" of two timeless sources having relations with the reality, namely,

- the primordial source, of physical order, attested by the universal Energy,

- and the primordial source, of transcendent order, from which emerges the creative entity who, in charge of the world and living the beings, recognizes herself in the I (ego, subject, spirit).

Let us consolidate this revolutionary point of view which concern the philosophy and  theology, by analyzing briefly the processes and the phenomena which characterize the living matter.


That there is memorization and transfer of directives with biological effects in the living matter, nobody contests it now, still it is necessary to know what  these memorizations and these transfers of "sense" presuppose, because the particles, the atoms and molecules have not a narrow contact but are separated by the quantum vacuum !

There also the scientists (the biologists) are satisfied with simplistic suppositions depending of situations ; they imagine for example, a great numbers of small operators (small powers), according to the observed phenomena, as the processes necessary to life's emergence, those which allowed and still allow the evolution of species and beings, without forgetting the processes interesting the survival (reproduction, metabolism, homeostasis, …, the genetic programming of the death: apoptose), the physico-chemical processes peculiar to the genes, …


Among these operators let’s quote the brain which is recognized as master of the thought, the organs of the body (heart, liver), cells liberating messengers which act, the ribosomes which translate into protein sequences, the homeotic genes which code proteins so as to control other genes …

Yet he cannot have there multiple operators within a being, who recognize, who judge by taking into consideration of value references common to life’s phenomenon (in particular the temporal marks), …, who decide and act,

and it is not laws which have this power !

A unique operator yes, but what can we say ?, reasonably, which "consolidates" our understanding of the universe, that of a world with a duality of powers : physical and transcendent.


The ceaseless activities which take place within the abstraction domain of  the beings, are undoubtedly, those which give evidence with the biggest certainty, the permanent implication, in the world, of a creative entity of transcendent order, if only because it is in this domain that the directives with biophysical effects necessary for the evolutionary dynamics of the individuals, are elaborated.


So, by means of activities in this domain, the bees can transmit the "situation" of zones of food with dances, ants can indicate their progressions by olfactive molecules, …, the superior animals can show their attachment by attitudes, the man's baby can indicate his presence by shouts and simple movements, the child can use words and small sentences, the teenager, having "digested" all the complexities of his language, can make discourses, …, and the scholar can elaborate subtle theories.


Such facts also show that this creative entity (this transcendent power) is expressing herself differently in and by each being, in particular by means of languages adapted to levels of complexity,

since the genetic language, this extraordinary process of memorization and of transmission of the "sense", …, until the esoteric languages of the scientists of the XXIth century.


The comparative analysis of these languages is moreover rich in teachings ; so, the genetic language requires the permanent interpretation (the constant recognition), of the frequencies and amplitudes of electromagnetic waves, primordial vectors of the sense, inexorably associated with the components of the DNA,

more exactly, the interpretation of the interferences of these,

of interferences which are depending of spatial positions and nanodistances,

like the human language requires the interpretation of the position of letters in the word, of words in the sentence and of sentences in the speech.

Let’s observe that contrary to what is constantly said, the biologists did not decode the genetic language ; they can only specify and represent in the space, the molecular structures which allow its memorization and its transmission (in particular, the structures of the DNA).


What can we say then about this entity who can express herself only in and by means of phenomena and of processes, notably biophysical ?

Is not it a creative entity who, although of transcendent order and master of the sense, is however not omnipotent ?

For example, must we not work to know and look for to know more ?


We are convinced of it and we postulate that it was important increases of memory capacities on account of reliable complexity augmentations of molecules containing carbon,

and so, of substantial increases of processes organizations and of information in a specific inert matter containing these molecules and of the water,

which have enabled appearance of life,

and of this fact, we say, convinced too :

Cogito ergo mundus vivit (I think therefore world is living).

Descartes will understand us easily !


So, the emergence of the life has required at the same time,

- The simultaneity of myriads of factors and physico-chemical processes while each of them depended on changeable environmental situations,

- And of multiple faculties of transcendent order (of transcendent nature) so as to allow the permanent use of the sense.

These other facts that show obviously, as we previously argued it, that there is no structural and " operational " rupture between the inert matter and alive matter, lead us then to recognize the sense as a primordial and universal mean of creation,

and to reject one of the most erroneous a priori admited by the immense majority of the intelligentsia, according to which the use of the sense in all the meanings of this concept, is specific to the life’s phenomenon.


Must we remind that the totally dehydrated bacteria, even after a very long stays to low-temperature, are taking back life as soon as they are dipped into their natural environment ?

Dehydrated, indeed, they are of the non-living molecules (of the inert matter) nevertheless which have of possibilities (potentialities) of development,

potentialities that can become living matter, by means of liquid water and directives with biological effects.


Of the recent experiments and which continue, also are throwing a revolutionary lighting on the evolutionary dynamics of the worlds : inert and alive ; according to research works (in 2012) effected by professor Luc Montagnier (Nobel), we can now "reconstitute"  of elements of biological structures, in this particular case DNA fragments, by means of electromagnetic waves "extracted" from other biological structures serving as references, showing thus and in particular, that there is of the "sense" in the inert matter, and that electromagnetic waves are the primordial vectors because they are the only ones that can cross the quantum vacuum separating the particles, the atoms and molecules.


Thus, the universe and its dynamics are not fruits of laws and principles but the outcomes of a ceaseless imperious creations implying massifications of the universal Energy and demassifications of the cosmic matter,

creations with permanent attempts so as to increase the matter's complexity, in particular of the matter containing carbon.

Knowing that the cosmos is composed of, at least, 10 power 23 planets, it is then, reasonable to believe that complex beings as man, from time immemorial, existed, are existing and will exist in the universe.


But then, why the man ?

Is not it because he is an exceptional vector of sense, due to his complexity and his quantum implanting ?,

and so, that he participates and is necessary for conducting the world.

We believe it gladly, especially as,

- the man is incited to looking for of ceaselessly more knowledges, in particular by means of psychic processes, what induces to mental creations of transcendent order,

- and what there are of permanent transmissions of information and of directives between the conscious level and internal levels of understanding, and it until the quantum level, foundation of the universe, by means of electromagnetic waves which are of primordial  vectors of sense.


Paul Moyne

N B - The corresponding theories concerning the "time", the "origin of life", the "genetic language" and the "demassification of the cosmic matters", are deposited at Academy of Sciences, in Paris, into sealed envelopes.

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