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What is your views about forthcoming Ind-Aus test Series.

Who is going to win?Acc to me with the strong batting line up India have, they have very good chances of winning the series.But with bats like Ricky ponting,Hayden,Gilchrist Australia also have good chances.In bowling ,if we talk about spin dept India is strong, but with Pace bowling Aus is lookung more stronger.

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India has to really adjust quickly to the conditions in australia.
The seniors need to perform well if we have to win there. Our batsman have to show all their experiance in the coming two months because they will be tested on fast and bouncy pitches.
Even if we consider india's current successful run, i still feel australia is a much stronger side in all three departments of the game.
The Forthcoming Ind-Aus Series Will Be Nothing short of disaster for indian team. I am sure about it. One can check out the records if they want to be sure, as sure as i am. The reason is simple, indians are very poor to bat on bouncy tracks. Australians know this and they exploit our weakness to fullest.

List of players who will not perform:
Ms Dhoni
Savrav Gangully
Yuvraj Singh
Anil Kumble

List of players who will perform
Maybe Sachin
And pace bowlers

please note: Dont watch the series if you are a indian cricket fan
i think differnt to wat u think.
Bats like Laxman,Dravid,ganguly are more than enough to make them cry.
THe bouncy wckts of australia will help indian bowlers also.
In spin they are more than worse.
So how u can imagine that
let the match begins.
we ll se what ll happen on d ground.
i fail to understand the reason why u r making such a statement. After i m sure u must hav said something similar when we toured Australia the last time. Being pessimist can be good sometimes because u will then consider all the worst possible cases.But here it is clearly not required.
If u r sayin tht we can't play on bouncy pitches then to a certain extent i may agree but considering our recent performaces in West Indies and England, i c ur point being proved completely wrong.
Australia is no doubt a better team but that cannot be the only reason for u to say that the tour will be a disaster. Australia was the best team even during our last tour. And india at that time wasn't the second best but we still were close to beating them in de series.
I have the benefit of having watched the first test - a disaster for the Indin Cricket team. The issues have been that as a batting side we have been very defensive with Sachin and Laxman taking blows on the body on short pitched 'gimme' balls that should have been given the reverse treatment. And therefore I agree a comment in the media that we have made Australian bowling look more potent than it is. On the other hand our bowling has been very good but fielding has let us down.

Amazingly the so called 'over the hill' seniors (except Dravid to an extent) are the only ones to have performed, and the Grrreat future leaders of Indian Cricket Yuvraj and Dhoni failed miserably as did Harbhajan and RP Singh.

As I see it - we need Sehwag at the top - drop either Dravid or Yuvraj. And we need Pathan (he might be slower than Harbhajan). A faster non-star Ishan Sharma shoudl replace RP Singh. I am sure India will do well with this combination. Let us see how it pans out.
the 3rd test proved what I said about the team before the 2nd test. I agree that the 2nd test was cheated out of India's hands by the umpires and the refrees. However the team selection for the 3rd was perhaps the best - could have been better if nesh Kartik had replaced Jaffer. Jaffer is slow in every department of the game and I feel even in the mind whereas Karthik if not anything else is mentally strong and very athletic and fast on the turf. However he may not get the opportunity in this series because Adleiade is a batting picth. My ideal team Selection for India for 4th test at Adelaide (in batting order) would be - Pathan, Sehwag, Laxman, Tendulkar, Ganguly, Dravid, Dhoni, Kumble, Harbhajan, RP Singh and Ishant Sharma. 12th man Karthik.
I think i have been proved wrong to some extent, and i m happy about it. Indians have performed really well so far. They could have won 2nd test, however bad umpiring decisions cost them the match. Victory at perth was very well fought.
But as i have mentioned earler 2 failures are yuvraj and dhoni. they may perform in one-days. but they are a total failure in test series.
Yuvraj and Dhoni have lost it in the mind one over a lost love interest and the other for the opposite reason, And look at Sehwag - 13 half centuries and 13 centuries in test cricket and in those centuries are 9 consecutive scores of 150 plus. Which means it is a matter of time and some luck. Sehwag and Pathan lend solidity to both batting and bowling. Ishant Shama has been the unluckiest in terms of returns to show for his efforts. If he can stay fit and injury free he could be one of the finest fastbowler produced in India (may be even Asia).

Looking forward to the 20-20 match and ofcourse the ODI tri-series where even SL are very good.
I would love to see Yuvraj & Dhoni explode. If this happens we can be the best side in Cricket. But the fact remains that they perform well only on flat asian tracks. The tables turn when they play on bouncy pitches.

However the most disappointing factor was Harbhajan singh with his performance. He has not been performing as per the need.
If you remember during the world cup, in which we played only 2 matches, he took zero wickets. We definetly a good spinner than Harbhajan Singh


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