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Global Warming

Started by Inder in Google Knol News.. Last reply by marco bert Mar 26, 2010. 11 Replies

Anyone for debate

Content Creation

Started by Ted Phipps in General. Last reply by james nelson Sep 23, 2010. 18 Replies

If knol is to be like wikipedia, how do you go about creating a content page of useful info?

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Dark Patches appearing on my Face! Need Help..... Not A Problem with Homeopathy!!!

Started by Dr Edde Chan in Google Knol News.. Last reply by Dr Edde Chan Mar 27, 2009. 8 Replies

In tropical and equatorial regions country, there are blessed with alround year sun shine, our face and skin are also enjoying this full year exposure of sunlight. Therefore, sometimes brown or gray…Continue

Did Musharraf Assassinate Bhutto?

Started by NEWS in General. Last reply by ASHWANI JAIN Jan 14, 2008. 8 Replies

Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf has stated that his government was not involved in the assassination of Benazir Bhutto but many Bhutto supporters have angrily blamed Musharraf for her death by…Continue

Tags: elections, assassinate, benazirbhutto, pervezmusharraf, pakistan


Started by Dr Edde Chan in Google Knol News.. Last reply by xiangxin33 Feb 12, 2012. 14 Replies

Homeopathy Medical Treatment for Diabetes and Control Sugar level for people were long known in Malaysia. People who has gone for homeopathy treatment only know that there are good homeopathy…Continue

India-Aus Cricket

Started by Gaurav in General. Last reply by Mr Gandhi Jan 31, 2008. 9 Replies

What is your views about forthcoming Ind-Aus test Series.Who is going to win?Acc to me with the strong batting line up India have, they have very good chances of winning the series.But with bats like…Continue

Faith in Mind

Started by Mushin Do in General. Last reply by Taijiquestion Aug 2, 2008. 8 Replies

Do we have faith in the ability of our mind in the practice of taiji?


Internet News

How we help the veteran community succeed in startups

As part of our continued commitment to support the military community, we’re partnering with Patriot Boot Camp, Bunker Labs and Veteran Capital to empower transitioning service members, veterans and military spouses to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. Of the 250,000 service members who will transition out of the military this year, one in four want to start their own business—in addition to the 2.5 million businesses already led by veterans in the U.S. And despite frequent relocations, nearly a quarter of military spouses surveyed by Blue Star Families have owned their own business. Life in the military means learning to solve problems with limited resources, adapt to changing conditions and lead under pressure—and these are all qualities that also apply to startup life. 

Bunker Labs expands to more cities 

Bunker Labs was founded by veterans who, upon starting their own companies, saw ways they could create a clearer path to entrepreneurship for others in the military community. Today, Bunker Labs has 25 chapters around the country and runs business incubator programs in 15 cities, providing mentorship, education and community to more than 400 startups led by military spouses and veterans. Our partnership will expand Bunker Labs programming in two new cities—Atlanta, Georgia and Raleigh, North Carolina—and Google advisors offering one-on-one mentorship will also help startups in the program get the support and know-how to succeed.

Bunker Labs 2019 National Summit in Seattle, WA.jpeg

Aspiring entrepreneurs like Katherine Kostreva—military spouse and founder of OnPoint—at the Bunker Labs 2019 National Summit in Seattle, WA.

A focus on mentorship with Patriot Boot Camp

Building off the success of a three-day Patriot Boot Camp program supported by the Google Veterans Network in Austin, TX this year, our new partnership will pair startups founded by veterans and military spouses in the Patriot Mentor Program with advisors from Google to provide product expertise. We’re especially excited to support Patriot Boot Camp as they inspire and equip additional military spouse and veteran founders to succeed. People like Patriot Boot Camp alumni Erica McMannes and Liza Rodewald, military spouses with 17 moves between them, often struggle to find effective remote work opportunities that could keep up with their military lifestyles. Their experience inspired them to create Instant Teams, a startup that helps companies hire and manage a remote workforce of professionals from the military community. These entrepreneurs are showing amazing early traction—Erica and Liza just successfully raised a round of Series A funding. 

Bringing opportunities to the military community with Veteran Capital

Our partnership with Veteran Capital places veterans and military spouses in three-month fellowships at high-growth tech startups. We will also activate local Googlers to lead workshops that help military community members build effective resumes and learn sales skills and design best practices. People like James Maffey honed the ability to quickly identify and solve problems while in the U.S. Army, and applied that during a Veteran Capital Fellowship with First, an AI-driven real estate startup. "I learned how to thrive in environments of ambiguity during my time in the military, which translated well to the unpredictability and frequent pivoting of the startup world,” he says.

Our ongoing commitment to the military community

From helping vets find jobs and improving ways to work remotely to highlighting veteran-led business on Google Search and Maps, we’re honored to help transitioning service members, veterans, and military spouses grow their careers and businesses. Learn more about how Google for Startups supports the military community by joining us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And check out Google’s additional resources for veterans and military families.

Turn up the bass with Android TV soundbars

The new JBL LINK BAR is the super bass you’ve been waiting for. With Android TV now available on soundbars, you can turn your TV into a smart TV and get the legendary sound quality of a JBL speaker.

Say my name, say “Hey Google”

The Google Assistant on Android TV is your trusted companion to help you easily control your TV, media and entertainment as well as connected devices in your home. With mics built into the soundbar itself, you don’t need to fish your remote out of the couch crevices—instead, just say “Hey Google.” Even when your TV is off, the Assistant on the soundbar remains available to play music, set a timer, answer questions and turn the TV back on. Conveniently switch to other devices like your gaming console, by asking the Assistant to switch the HDMI input.

Your Assistant is there for you when you have questions about what's on TV–like how tall an athlete is or when a movie was made–or if you want to get information–like how’s the traffic to a destination or what’s the weather.

Google’s gonna play, play, play, play, play

Never be bored again. With Android TV, you have access to 500,000+ shows and movies, live sports and news, or your favorite music across 5,000+ apps and games. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, check out Google Play for more.

In addition, Android TV soundbars come with Chromecast built in. This allows you to instantly stream, cast and view additional content, such as movies, shows, videos and photos from your phone on the big screen for everyone to enjoy.

You’ve got the whole world in Android TV’s hands

There’s only one cord connecting your soundbar to your TV, making the setup simple and the device the central hub with HDMI inputs. Conveniently switch between HDMI inputs to take advantage of premium sound quality while you watch live cable TV or embark on a quest on your gaming console. To access your favorite tunes, flicks and games on Android TV, just press the Home button at any point in time (whether your TV is on or off).

With Android TV, your soundbar has all the capabilities you know and love, from the Google Assistant to Google Play and Chromecast, as well as serves as a central control center for all your smart home devices and connected consoles. Enjoy the all-in-one Android TV soundbar experience today. 

Design the ideal ad experience with native ads from Google AdMob

Native is the newest ad format supported by Google AdMob. It offers the most flexible design and placement to help developers create the ideal ad experience for your app users. Today native ads have come out of beta and are now available for all developers. 

As the name suggests, native ads allow you to design an ad experience that feels like a natural part of your app. You can customize the look and feel of native ads the way you’d design your app content.

Publishers who have implemented native ads during the beta phase have seen great results. For example, Cleveni, a South Korea-based mobile app publisher specializing in utility apps, saw 4 times revenue growth with native ads. 

With careful design, implementation and testing, native ads can feel like a natural part of the app experience. This seamless integration can lead to revenue growth by means of increased ad density and better user retention while also clearly noting that it’s a promotional unit.

Native ads allow unlimited flexibility—you can design any ad layout imaginable as long as it meets the AdMob native ads policies. We highly encourage you to explore the design freedom with this ad format and use A/B tests with different creatives to maximize engagement and revenue. 

Getting started

There are two ways to get started with native ads in AdMob: 

  1. For a quick and easy start, use the native ads templates (Android, iOS). Simply use the code as-is, or modify it to better match the look and feel of your app. 
  2. For more advanced users,  you can go straight to the native ads advanced section (Android, iOS). This option allows you to create native ads from scratch.

With the flexibility of native ads also comes many questions you need to think through. For example, what should my ad look like? How similar should it look to actual app content? Where should I place it? The AdMob native ads playbook provides best practices and examples to help you design and implement a successful native ads strategy. 

As with all advertising experiences, there are some important policies and guidelines put in place to help ensure a good experience for users. Please be sure to read through the AdMob native ads policy compliance checklist, and pay close attention to the restrictions around ad size and the usage of MediaView.

We hope native ads can help you unlock more revenue growth for your app and will continue to improve this new ad format. 


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Purpose of Skilled Packers in addition to Movers inside Office in addition to Industrial Separation

Posted by Sanjeev Saxena on March 8, 2014 at 1:55am 0 Comments

Shifting company or industrial goods is quite a bit more intricate task from shipping connected with household stuff. It contains many stressful and intricate jobs that lead wonderful stress over the people. These kinds of relocations consist of handling connected with machines in addition to tools, bulky and large furniture, equipments, electronic goods many other such forms of stuffs. For most people it seriously isn't possible to deal with shipping each one of these stuffs with no…


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Moving home? Have you lots of belongings to be packed and shifted? Yes then the process of home shifting can be very daunting and stressful event of your life. There are lots of issues apart from tedious tasks such as packing, loading, transporting, unloading, unpacking and rearranging of items. So what can be done best for making home shifting easy and simple? In my point of view you should get professional help so that you can simplify the process and make it easy and simple. If you truly…


Moving Home? Get Professional Help to Make it Easy

Posted by Sanjeev Saxena on March 6, 2014 at 6:11am 0 Comments

Moving home? Have you lots of belongings to be packed and shifted? Yes then the process of home shifting can be very daunting and stressful event of your life. There are lots of issues apart from tedious tasks such as packing, loading, transporting, unloading, unpacking and rearranging of items. So what can be done best for making home shifting easy and simple? In my point of view you should get professional help so that you can simplify the process and make it easy and simple. If you truly…


Moving from one State to another easily

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If that you are moving with a new talk about, there's a whole lot which needs to be done. In these cases, it really is good to experience a moving checklist to make sure you possess made every one of the necessary arrangements to your departure. Relocating with a new state is a big stage, so you must preferably start your preparations 2-3 months ahead of time. The explanation being--along using moving, you have to wrap issues up in your current place of residence also. A checklist will let…


Techniques for Moving Large Furniture Correctly

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Looking for a lot of tips pertaining to moving pieces of furniture safely? Scroll down to learn about ways to prevent problems for the furniture and get away from injuries on the body even though moving hefty furniture.


If you're moving in to a new condominium, the process of moving and supplying heavy pieces of furniture items is perhaps quite demanding. Even in case you have sought professional help, you must make sure that the household items are usually handled while…


Tips for Packing as well as Moving

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When one is moving into a new household, the likelihood of breaking as well as damaging a thing are excessive. While a lot of may believe that this is the chance that can be taken, we say who's isn't. However, if 1 knows the tips about how to pack as well as move correctly, then there might be no place for mishaps. There are usually professional movers who will help you to shift, packing every thing away carefully to be able to avoid any damage. However, not many companies will make an…


Methods for Moving along with Relocating

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Moving derived from one of house to a different, or a single city to a different could be a very stress filled task by itself. To ensure that everything may be packed effectively, and that it reaches safely inside same condition to another location place, also to then abide by the rest of the moving list, is rather taxing. Though you might have hired packers along with movers for the exact purpose, you will quickly realize yourself continually stressing about whether or not they are handling…


The Responsibility of Moving Firm

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Going in one spot for a yet another can be a challenging and also demanding period. As soon as transferring ones house or office you should encounter quite a few undesirable tiresome and also busy difficulties. There are plenty involving items that ought to be accomplished along the way associated with relocating or maybe switching; for example, taking connected with merchandise, filling, transferring, unloading, unpacking, for example. Most of these chores are tedious and also allow you to…


Packing and Relocating Services - A Requirement Nowadays

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The corporation connected with Packers along with Relocating Solutions inside Delhi supply a wonderful encounter to everyone it is buyers. The explanation for the superb providers offered by these people is actually which they place their particular core into your entire shifting encounter. These people address each and every relocating encounter seeing that his or her for that reason many people placed added work inside the separation proceed.


That they be aware that each of…


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