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I was chatting to a friend of mine who is also involved in the Apocalypse2012 book by Larry Joseph. Larry is busy writing a follow up book on this and we are all very excited about it.
I would like YOUR input, not because I believe what we discussed is complete but.. because it is possible.
The log is edited to exclude stuff off topic..
Here goes...

We keep track of earthquakes and volcanoes erupting too ..
Bogota, Colombia - Nearly 4,000 inhabitants from the Belalcazar locality, in the department of Cauca, will be resettled due to the danger that Nevado de Huila volcano can erupt again.

he's on CNN 2morrow ( this is now today 21 January) and quite something for any writer.
something else i need to show u...

s: wow
2012 news
w: yup
u want to post or shall i?
s: u post
w: what did u think of obama speech?
s: carefully written,he thinks on his feet
w: yeah,i'm thinking he b prime candidate for antichrist
s: tell me y u think it.. i have my theory
w: the man who picks up the pieces after all the xtians go home
rapture = huge disaster,theres a conflict in the bible tho
earliest stuff says he's a man of sin
s: anti christ culd simply mean he doesnt blieve in xtian faith
w: later stuff says he's a man of false purity who manages to bring about the new world order
s: which fits as he is muslim
w: by bringing all faiths together into one
Hippolytus of Rome held that the Antichrist would come from the tribe of Dan and would rebuild the Jewish temple in order to reign from it.
now where is the jewish temple?
the US federal reserve?
w: from the koran...
He is to appear pretending to be Jesus at a time in the future, before Yawm al-Qiyamah (The Day of Resurrection, Judgment Day).
w: 2012 = judgement day
s: yes,the world as we know it gone
w: or altered
s: or both
w: a few new islands and continents created
s: yes,u need to understand sumthing...
God CAN go into hell and pull souls out
but chooses to c if people have faith
so now,imo
xtians always thought
anti christ = evil,but muslim not evil,jewish not evil,we not evil
so is the bible misinterpreted?
w: anti means opposite,not against
s: precisely,but not all xtians c it like that,so yes.. earth as we know it,could change
w: they do believe he's a false prophet and many will see him as the messiah
s:so is God the president of the universe?
God- energy
w: i think God is the universe
: yes ;) i like that
w: we're just little cells,part of the whole body
good and bad cells that should be in balance
s: so then evil is cancer in the body
w: but we're out of balance, luckily we haven't figured out how to infect other organs yet
s: i hope we never do
i m gonna tell u something I just saw on tv
Indians,S-America, formed network of kids
age 4-24 in it,saying they are the ones to fix the heritage that is earth
the Heroderos...
they say we need to love and defend earth
the network stretches over 122 reserves
they research the forest,to improve daily life,say we need to form a new culture
in Columbia, Andes, Amazon, the El de Rio region..
so what u think of that
cos they r related,to the Mayans
w: i think they onto something
s: they say the old people 25 onwards,stuffed up earth
so they need to fix it
w: the calendar is a circle... it can't just stop...
so what happens in the next phase?
we change, future changes
s:how many things we used in the pc is now useless
how many things changed so much we cant use it
in old microwaves
we need to get new tv's
: can't use it or won't use it?
s: well it became an issue to use it
because it is not compatible
w: obsolete because expectations changed
hand tools in the power tools
s: remember i used to tell u,abt the crystals in Atlantis how they used it for
power..or so is believed if you read Plato..
so electricity as we know it will be gone
no tv,cell phone,pc
w: but the energy is still there
s: the key is gone tho
so it is locked
like the caps of pyramids
w: maybe or young friends know where the key is hidden
s: ;D,u could b right...
I said a while ago,all new babies born..
since 2000 could be masters,who return
to fix our mistakes..
so u could be right
w: they'll figure out how to use it quickly too
earth is overpopulated,so apocalypse will make space
many will die
w: those left behind will not be a drain on resources
and momma Earth can repair herself again...
end of discussion..

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