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What External Stresses Do harm our body ? People are more prone to physical and emotional stresses and thanks to all the electromagnetic telecommunication wavelengths, Infra-red (IR) hot baths, Infra-red(IR) electronic massagers, unskilled physiotherapist, vaccination , unskillful acupuncture needle treatments, sun burn, accidents, entertainment machines sounds and radiations, high voltage overhead cables that produce continuous magnetic flux and many more that could cause physical trauma and injuries to skin, body parts and emotion. Other external stresses could cause a shock to the body are microbes, petroleum gases, solvents in perfumes and deodorants, preservative used in food, smokes from industries, cigarettes and kitchens, pesticides use in farming of vegetables, insecticides in farms, buildings, offices, and houses, poison fumes from open industrial product burnings, heavy metals from food, environmental car fumes, vehicle break pad dusts on roads, uncontrolled food additives such as artificial proteins, minerals, vitamins and etc, drugs, vaccines, uncontrolled intake of supplements and vitamins, foods and overworked.

These external stresses are accumulated in the body for as long as the person continuing their present routine daily life and without knowing the consequences. External stresses experienced by our body will be recorded and accumulated and the body autoimmune system will stressfully increase necessary metabolism to antidote the stresses by minimizing the stresses via urination, sweating, stools and skin eruptions and body tumors, cysts , sneezing, and discharges from nose and sex organs. Accumulation of stresses for a long time will damage the autoimmune systems as the system has been stressed for a long time. Organs that generate necessary metabolisms to antidote these stresses will be overworked and slow process of cell regeneration due to insufficient of necessary body natural nutrients in the body. As the body organs function become weak, autoimmune system become weak , and toxins from by products generated by the our cell metabolisms are accumulated and distributed to every parts in the body. The by products may be carcinogenic and toxins and may start to accumulate in body lymphatic systems , liver, kidney , lungs and blood streams. As body weaken to discharge the toxins, accumulated of toxin in organs will cause cancerous cell formation, tumor formation, growth in tissues, dead cells in organs and weaken the body immune systems. To be more precise , accumulation of heavy metals like mercury, lead and cadmium will damage the stomach cells and small intestines cells. The digestion of food become weaken and improper digestion of food resulted in body getting less nutrients for energy and rebuilding or cell regeneration activities. The whole body system weaken because all linked organs functions are damage by the heavy metals. As body weaken, autoimmune system via immune white blood cells will covered the toxins rather than destroying the toxins. Accumulated of these covered proteins in lymphatic system caused growth of benign tumor and cancer. Dead cells in organs will become a host for microbes to colonized the area and continuously destroying neighboring cells and these destruction process caused body to loose more nutrients and cell regeneration activities.

Summary of External Stresses that will damage the organs.

1. Solvents
a. Butanols – solvent found in car fuels and in synthetic rubber. It causes damage to the heart, lung, bowel lining and stomach lining.

b. Dioxane - solvent use in degreasing , electronics, metal finishing, fabric cleaning, pharmaceuticals, herbicides & pesticides, antifreeze, paper manufacturing and ordinary household shampoos and baby lotions. It affects the ear, nose, throat,lungs , kidney and circulation.

c. Carbonyls - high volatile solvent use in fire extinguishers to veterinarian medicines, and refrigerators to aerosol sprays.

d. n-Heptane - chemical solvent for treating engines knocks. It affects the ear, nose , throat, lungs, kidney and circulation.

e. Hydroxytoluene – solvent used in paints, dyes and gums. It affects the ear, nose , throat, kidney , liver and circulation.

f. Nitrotoluene – solvent use in the manufacture of dyes . It affects the heart, kidney, mucous membranes and stomach lining.

g. Xylenes – used as a solvent in the printing , rubber and leather industries. It is found as a thinner for paint and varnishes. It affect the human brain, its growth and development.

2. Insecticides

a. Dichlorvos – a commercially produced insecticides of organophosphate family, used in the treatment of termites, wood beetles and other insects. It damages the colon, lung, small intestine and stomach lining. It cause severe food intolerances

b. Chlorpyrifos - a commercially produced organophosphate used as an insecticides in agriculture. It can be absorbed via droplets of sprays as well as consumed in food. It affects the lung, small intestine, mucous membrane and liver. It will resulted in severe food intolerances.

c. Pentachlorophenol ( PCP) – insecticide used for termite, beetle and insect control. It affects heart, kidney, mucous membranes and circulation.

d. Allethrins - Insecticides made to mimic the natural occurring insecticides like pyrethrin, cinerin and jasmolin. It affects the lungs, bladder, mucous membranes and stomach lining.

3. Fat Based Food

a. Acrylamide – Acrylamide found in a wide range of food such as potato chips, French fries, soft breads, cereals, coffee, pastries, sweet biscuits( cookies), breads, rolls and toasts, and cocoa products. It has known as hazardous compound, carsinogen and can cause neurological issues. It affects the central nervous system, lungs, heart, stomach lining and large bowel lining.

4. Furnishing Chemicals

a. 4-Phenylcyclohexine - A chemical used in carpet backing and generated as an “ off gas” from latex lining and styrene. It reacts with ozone in the home to make aldehydes. It has neurotoxic and geno-toxic effects. It affects the heart, pericardium, circulation and linings of the colon and stomach.

b. Asbestos - toxin used in brake shoes, building material and protective clothing. It fibres can be airborne and they lodge in the lungs and do not break down. It affects the lungs, ear, nose, throat, circulation and stomach lining.

5. Petrolchemicals such as Dioxins found in air, soil, water, sediment and food especially dairy, meat, fish and shellfish. It is a by product of smelting , bleachin of paper pulp, solid waste incineration and petrochemical refining, as food born pollutants from the microwave heating of food in plastic containers. It damages the liver function, liver cells, circulation and stomach lining.

6. Heavy Metals - act as haptens ( bind to antibodies) form organic compounds inside the body and are difficult to remove. These compound found in muscle tissues, blood, neutral fats and bone. Heavy metals disrupt normal biochemistry ativities.

a. Tin - organic compounds of tin are used as an antifouling paint and chemical catalyst and as PVC stabilizer. PVC stabilizer are used in rubber, cable covering, upholstery textiles, raincoats, shoe and tubing. It damages the kidney, circulation, mucous membranes and stomach lining.

b. Cadmium - found in fossil fuels, fungicides, dyes and pigments, battery and cigarette smoke. It is also found in fish, organ meats ( liver and kidney). Major source is rubber tires, rubber carpet backing and plastic food wraps. It damages the stomach lining and liver.

c. Lead - a source from gasoline additives, paints , solder and the lead smelting industry. Its is a powerful neurotoxin, disrupting all neurotransmitters and may cause paralysis , seizure, red blood cell damage. It associated with miscarriage ad stillbirth. Interferes with all calcium metabolic function. High level of lead are associated with high blood pressure, mental retardation and severe aggressive behaviour.

d. Mercury – toxic amount of mercury found due to “silver amalgams” from dentistry and highly toxic methylmercury in virtual all fish ( worst tuna, swordfish, shark, mackerel and shellfish ). This is a fat soluble toxin which crosses the blood brain barrier and is stored in the brain’s phospholipids. It cause a wide variety of chronic health problem, chronic inflammation of mucous membranes, severe immune damage. It damages the brain and kidney, cause gum disease, tooth decay, severe mood changes, tremors, paralysis, chronic throat and bladder disease, allergies and etc.

e. Nickel, Chromium, Beryllium - is metal alloys known as agents for allergies and suspected of deeper damages to organs. It affects the kidney, mucous membranes and stomach lining as well as the cellular energy centre ( adenosine triphosphate - ATP )

7. Fungicides - these can be inhaled when used in agriculture or ingested with residues in certain foods when withholding periods have not been observed before harvesting. It damages the lungs, liver , stomach and colon linings. Pentachloronitrobenzene a fungicide use to treat seeds before they are sown and use on the soil to detroy micro flora.

8. Electromagnetic Radiation

a. EMF - various types potentially harm body systems

b. Gravity and Magnetism – a general test for distortion of body system caused by underground minerals, caves and water as referred to as geopathic stress.

c. Microwave oven radiation – research indicates that microwave ovens used to heat food affect proteins in a way that can make them a possible form of toxin to the body.

d. Far Infrared radiation – It has been found to have an effect of linking disease centre foci and may not be useful to the body.

e. Computer Radiation – Centre processor units of modern computer operate at 1 to 3 Giga hertz frequency create out put radiation that could damage body systems especially brain tissue , lungs and ear systems in connection with nervous systems.

f. Cell phone - Similarly the high frequencies of 0.9 GHz and GSM 1.8 GHz will damage nervous system in brain tissue and its circulatin systems.

9. Smoke – tobacco smokes as well as wood smoke or smog will damage the lung, heart, circulation and liver systems

10. Water Based Chemicals - include arsenic, antimony and chlorine compounds. These toxin substances occur naturally in the soil and can leach out slowly into reservoirs where soil has been disturbed. Chlorine toxins added into our drinking water system during treatment process and it can combines with hundred of carbon based pollutants creating a highly complex toxic “ soap” of organochlorides that damage the stomach and colon lining, lungs, liver and circulation.

11. Emotional Stresses or Trauma – Shock and Physical Injury.

a. Loss of body parts , organs, properties and finances
b. Grief / sadness from deceased relatives
c. Love Disappointment
d. Disappointment of Examination, Jobs, Projects, tasks and etc
e. Physical Abuse Trauma - Rape , Torture and Suppress anger
f. Fear of Death after known of deadly disease

The emotional stresses become dominant when a person could not solve their disappointment and repeat abuse drugs, depressants, sleeplessness, liquors, bulimia, loss of appetite and etc. This will lead to damage to stomach lining, colon lining, lungs, heart, liver and circulation.


A. NUTRIENERGETICS SYSTEM (NES) - A complete modern and quantum medicine apply in diagnosis and treatment for preventive healthcare.

Nutri-energetic System or NES is a diagnosis system invented by Professor Peter Fraser and Harry from United Kingdom after 25 years of research in quantum medicine. NES consist of a mouse like scanner attached to a computer where patient need to place his/her palm on the mouse scanner ( Diagram show below ) . After scanned for 2-3

minutes, body heat/vibration/sound known as phonon is recorded and results will be displace in the computer monitor ( which the software invented by Profesor Peter Fraser and his team ) as shown below :-

Figure 1 : Diagnosis system of NES consist of a computer and connected with NES scanner ( a mouse like scanner ).

Figure 2 : Health Results display as in the computer Monitor. ( Organ Health Profile )
For more details, you are require to visit :

NES measured our body radiation which is a combined radiation from every cells, its metabolisms, organ functions and organs activities that produce a mean vibration or sound or phonon that act as master common in all metabolisms in the body. The thicker the phonon layer in body represent healthy body systems and a thinner layer represent low or problem healthy state in body. The results is indicated as Source or battery level in the body as the term of battery similar to a car battery. If the Source result indicate red, orange and yellow colour meaning body health is stresses state. Results of internal body organs and system will also be indicate their health condition.

NES basically is a preventive health monitoring diagnosis tool that monitor our body health systems to check organs stresses, to determine what are the stresses that resulted the organ damages, to determine what the external stresses such as microbes and environmental pollutants that contribute to the organ damage, to determine the actual or root cause of problem that deteriorate the body health.

NES also provided with quantum medicine call “ infoceuticals” which the medicine is input with quantum vibration or phonon similar to the body vibrations or phonon , and its intensity of vibration or phonon for each organ and systems are design for respective organ and system treatment and restore the respected organ or system back to it optimum healthy function for continuing smooth running metabolic condition include eliminating toxins from the respected organs and systems. NES like “ ED-Environmental Detox”, Cell Driver (ED3) and respected organ “infoceuticals” needed to remove all toxin due to environmental stresses.

Figure 3 : Environmental pollutants Picture with indication of pollutants that will damage the internal organs

A total of 12 pages results include summary of report will be display and practitioner will prescribed necessary “ infoceuticals” according to the NES protocols for treatment to restore patient health back to normal healthy conditions.


This medical system was invented by Dr Samuel Hahneman a German doctor in the 18th century as an alternate treatment for acute and chronic diseases. Homeopathy treatment applies a single and minor dose of medicine to restore unhealthy state of body to a healthy body state in a mild, gentle, rapid and permanent cure. Homeopathy medicine made from natural plants, minerals and animals and proved of medicine done on healthy human body. Homeopathy medicine prescribed according to the totality symptoms of the patients who told all his/her experienced symptoms from minds, body, extremities, taste, modality and general symptoms and also his/her past history of sickness and his family past history backgrounds. With all the totality symptom experienced by the patient, it represent the patients characteristic and not the disease name such as diabetes, cancer, anemia, migraine, and etc. Homeopathy medicine prescribed as according to the totality of symptoms which match the medicine proven batch of symptoms and it dosage is base on the patient sensitivity. Therefore, homeopathy medicine is treating the patient and his/her sick characteristic rather that the disease name.

Homeopathy medicine will restore unhealthy person to health state using the principle “ LIKES CURED BY THE LIKES” meaning a medical substance that produce proven batch of symptoms similar to the patients described symptoms, the medicine will cure the patient and restore him/her back to healthy state.

A homeopathy doctor or homeopath will record all the patients symptoms after interviewing him/her for about 1/2hour or more and did a summary of symptoms and match those symptoms with the possible medicine and prescribed the single selected medicine and prescribed a minimum dosage possible for the patient to restore his health back to normal on a gentle, mild, rapid and permanent cure. Patients will have to come back for health monitoring in chronic cases as the chronic cases need further prescription of medicine to permanently cure.

Homeopathy treatment with NES monitoring and restoring health system, the patient will able to monitor their health status and minimizing external stresses that will jeopardize or hinder the recovering or restoring healthy process. This coupling will provide an advance methodology for acute and chronic disease healing and cure the disease permanently.

The coupling treatment system has proven successful in restoring health problems such as :-

Homeopathy Medicines for Therapeutics Health Problems

Remedy Name

Description of Problems
Dosage / time / day
Stop when better
Detoxification of Environmental Stresses

Nux Vomica 30c or 200c Toxins from foods, drinks and waterbased 6 hourly ( 3 doses)
Arsenic Alb. 30c or 200c Toxins like pesticides and herbicides 6 hourly ( 3 doses)
Bacilinum 200c or 1M Toxins from microbes or viruses 6 hourly ( 3 doses)
Cadmium sulph 200c Overexposure of radiation and chemotherapy 6 hourly ( 3 doses)
X-ray 200c or 1M
Overexposure of X-rays 6 hourly ( 3 doses)
Pulsatilla 30 or 200c
Overeating of oily food 6 hourly ( 3 doses)
Passiflora Q and Avena Sativa
Anxiety and nervousness 6 hourly ( 3 doses)


Senecio Aurum 30c Sleepless during menopausal stage 4 hourly/time
Coffee 30 Cannot Sleep in the early hours of night; utterly wide awake , mind active; sleeplessness due to excitement
6 hourly
Nux Vomica 30c Cannot sleep after 3 am; sleeplessness due to mental strain or sedentary habits ; sleep dreamy and restless
At bed time for 7 days
Aconite 30c Due to fear or panic; insomnia after shock or fright; restlessness and tossing in bed 4 hourly

Arnica Montana 30c
Or 200c Due to tiredness, either physical or mental; bed feel too hard; must keep moving in search for soft portion for relief in bed
½ hourly ( 3 doses)
Belladonna 30c Sleeplessness after midnight from anxiety and restlessness; has to get up and walk 4 hourly
Arsenic Alb. 30c or 200c Sleepy yet unable to sleep; child tosses kicks clothes off; witches; restless sleep with frightful dreams
4 hourly ( 3 doses)
Chamomilla 30c Sleeplessness and restlessness , especially in first part of night; gets up and walk the floor, as soon as bed time comes patients is wide awake.
4 hourly
Natrium Mur 200c or 1 M Sleeplessness due to old reid; after dreams of thieves or robbers 10 mins ( 3 doses)
Ignatia 200c or 1M Sleeplessness due to sudden shock; disappointment 10 mins ( 3 doses )
Pulsatilla 30c or 200c Feels sleepy but cannot sleep; clocks striking at a distance keep him awake; bed feels hot; moves about in vain to find a cool spot in bed.
4 hourly
Opium 30c or 200c Restlessness during erly part of sleep; sound sleep when it is time to rise; gets too hot in bed ; throws off covers, gets chilly and puts them on again; puts arms above the head during sleep.
4 hourly

Cannabis Ind 200c or 1M Patient move constantly, cannot sit at one place; uncontrollable laughter 10 minutes ( 3 doses)
Tarentula His. 200c or 1M Abusing everyone; destructive; tears clothes; sings songs and loves music 10 minutes (3 doses)
Phosphorus 200 After sexual excesses; with an exaggerated idea on one’s own importance 10 minutes (3 doses)
Arnica Mont 200c After injury, fears to be touched or approached by anyone 10 mins ( 3 doses)
Lachesis 200c or 1M Due to sun stroke; great loquacity; worst after sleep 10 mins ( 3 doses)
Sulphur 200 or 1M Intercurrent remedy; monomania; worse early morning Weekly ( 3 doses)
Scars / Beauty tips
Sulphur 30c or 200c For dry and rough skin. Aversion to take bath; scratching of the affected lessions Weekly( 3 doses)
Psorinum 200c or 1M Pain after scratching with rough and dry skin. Patient likes cold climate Weekly (3 doses)
Natrium Mur 200 or 1M Dark circles around eyes due to shock or grief Weekly (3 doses)
China 6 or 30c Eyes sunken and face pale due to loss of vital fluids 4 hoursly
Sepia 200c Saddle like brownish complexion of nose and cheeks. Yellow spots on chest. Sallow look Weekly (3 doses)
Phosphorus 200c Dark circles around eyes due to nervous weakness or prolonged nervous tension Weekly (3 doses)
Arsenic Alb 30c For blacklish spots; dry rough; scaly skin; burning sensation. Restlessness 4 hourly
Lachesis 30 or 200c Bluish, purple spots; face pale; jaundiced. Patient can not tolerate pressure of even clothes around throat, abdomen and waist 6 hourly
Ferrum Met 3X Complexion yellow due to anaemia 4 hourly

Bismuth 200c Face deathly pale with blue rings around the eyes Weekly (3 doses)
Thuja 200c Warts , epithelioma; freckles and blotches ; brownish spots Weekly ( 6 doses)
Berberis Aqui Q Face pimply, dry , rough, scaly skin; to clean the complexion 4 hourly
Thiosinminum 3X To dissolve scar tissue 4 hourly
Causticum 30 or 200c Old burn or injury marks; bleed easily; warts 6 hourly

Causticum 200c or 1M Sadness with weeping moods, due to grief 3 hourly ( 3 doses)
Lachesis 200c or 1M Sadness in morning , after sleep, after waking, in sun 3 hourly ( 3 doses)
Phosphorus 200c or 1M Sadness , twilight, at night, in darkness , causeless 3 hourly ( 3 doses)
Aurum met 200c or 1M Sadness , evening, with suicidal thoughts 3 hourly ( 3 doses)
Natrium Mur 200c or 1M Sadness; while in bed, nigh, after grief, during heat, cannot weep 3 hourly ( 3 doses)
Arsenic Alb. 200c or 1M Sadness; when alone, with restlessness 3 hourly ( 3 doses)
Pulsatilla 200c or 1M Sadness, from anger, in warm room 3 hourly ( 3 doses)
Num vomica 200c or 1M Sadness; after eating ; irritating 3 hourly ( 3 doses)
Sulphur 200c or 1M Sadness; due to suppressed eruptions, morning 3 hourly ( 3 doses)
Rhus Tox 200c or 1M Sadness; while at home, during rest 3 hourly ( 3 doses)
Kali Brom 200c or 1M Sadness ; with impotency; melancholic 3 hourly ( 3 doses)
Psorinum 200c or 1M Sadness; from itching; hopelessness 3 hourly ( 3 doses)
Ignatia 200c or 1M Sadness; from disappointed love; after mortification ; with sighing 3 hourly ( 3 doses)
Acid Phos 30c or 200c Sadness ; from masturbation; loss of vital fluids 3 hourly ( 3 doses)
Kali Phos 6X or 30c Sadness; from delayed menses, nervous exhaustion 3 hourly ( 3 doses)
Conium mac 200c or 1M Sadness; every fourteenth days, periodical; during perspiration; lack of interest 3 hourly ( 3 doses)
Platina 200c or 1M Sadness ; during pregnancy; superiority complex 4 hourly (3 doses)

There are other remedies for many type of health problems such as fever, chicken pox, typhoid, migraine, diarrhea, skin itchiness, nausea, sprain, asthma, tuberculosis, pleurisy, acne, menopause, amenorrhea, food poisoning, vertigo, cyst, uterus fibroids, liver jaundice, eczema, psoriasis , leukemia, hypertension, hypotension, angina pectoris, nephritis, sex maniac, drug abused, alcoholics, indigestion, bloating, eructation, sciatica and many others.

All treatments can be obtain from the following directory :

Malaysia Homeopathy Medical Council or

No 16A, Jalan Camar 4/3, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel : 60361577823, 60122783901 , email :
Website :

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To be more practical in life, those who are in stress, they really do not know what they do. They will do all sort of strange things where normal people dont do. Do you jogging in the midnight? Do you drink coffee at midnight? Do you drink beer till unconciousness every night? Sleep only 2 hours nightly.... and etc. People with stress if they are conciousness level is good they will realised their actions is abnormal. But if they dont realise their action, it is beyond their body control and their autoimmune will take over and do the actions to release their internal stresses. These group of people need medical assistance esspecially homeopathy ways and remedies. Those who are conscious will listen to friends, relatives, and collegues suggestion but for those who are really in danger stress level, sorry other opinion not acceptable as they are too busy with their stress world.

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