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Homeopathy Medical Treatment for Diabetes and Control Sugar level for people were long known in Malaysia. People who has gone for homeopathy treatment only know that there are good homeopathy medicine could help regulate sugar regulation in body and treating Diabetes Mellitus very effectively. Other group of people who are not yet know about homeopathy will stay on to their usual routine treatment from modern medicines and other traditional ways such as Chinese Herbs and Malay herbs. They may or may not want to change their treatment system as they are not aware other treatment system may give better results or they are lack of knowledge on homeopathy treatment. Homeopathy has been in Malaysia for the past 50 years and majority who seek treatments are from Malays because they have been regularly practicing homeopathy since it was introduce by the late Dr Burhanuddin. Other Malaysian has always been thinking that homeopathy was a traditional Malay medical treatments and there were limited advertisement and awareness campaigns to introduce homeopathy to the societies. Lack of awareness campaign by Homeopathy Associations in Malaysia to draw people attention on alternative ways to tackle diabetes problems is not to blame because it need a lot of funds to organize the campaign and awareness projects.

Here I will take this opportunity and together with strength from my fellow homeopaths and members of the Homeopathic Medical Association of Malaysia would keep on campaigning to public on Homeopathy and its treatment for many diseases. As for Diabetes and Sugar regulation , I would like to present a few topics on the treatments for DM and preventive measures to keep the kidney healthy.


Pancreas is the organ in the human body that produce hormone insulin. Insulin needed in the bio metabolism for transporting glucose from blood stream into lymphatic system and from lymphatic system into cells. There fore, pancreas is an important organ. Pollutants such as chemicals, solvents, heavy metals and viruses are possible stresses that will damage pancreas. A non control diet will also caused stresses in the pancreas as more production of insulin needed to metabolic the transportation of glucose molecules into lymphatic system and cells. The continuous stresses of pancreas will damage the pancreas cells and retard production of insulin. Stresses in pancreas meaning retard the regulation of insulin production and result in glucose imbalance in blood stream. In this situation it is call Diabetes Mellitus (DM ).


Diabetes Mellitus is a condition where there is insufficient insulin produced by the pancreas or the body is unable to respond to the insulin normally. Blood glucose levels will then rise and cause damage to organs, including the kidneys. According to the 14th Report of the Malaysian Dialysis and Transplant Registry 2006, 57% of kidney failure patients had diabetes mellitus.


The kidneys function is to cleanse blood from any waste products and excess fluid by filtering blood to produce urine. When the kidneys are unable to filter normally, dangerous accumulation of fluid and wastes occurs in the body. It is usually takes 10 to 20 years for diabetic patients with kidney disease to develop kidney failure. This provides a big window of opportunity for kidney failure to be prevented.

However in many instances, diabetes has already been present many years before it is detected , and organ damage may already exist at the time of diagnosis. This is why early detection of diabetes is important. Early preventive measures must be taken to control your diabetes and prevent kidney failure.

Below are homeopathy remedies that excellently control diabetes and produce good results for diabetic persons in their daily life. Give yourself a chance to change to better life by using Homeopathy medicine and therapy.


a. Diabetes ( Insipidus ) – a phenomena or rare disease caused by disorder of the pituitary gland, making the patient less pass large quantities of urine and want to drink more than normal ( Excessive thirst, large volume of frequent urine ).


Symptoms description by individual or diabetic person
Dosage / time

Phosphoric Acidum 6c

Diabetes with great thirst and debility
6 hourly

Murex 6c

Urine frequent at night
6 hourly


Diabetes complicated with albuminuria, constant desire to urinate.

6 hourly

Natrium Sulphuricum
Nervous origin, when due to worry, mental over work and sexual excess
6 hourly

Various complication of diabetes wehen cause not known

6 hourly

Sqil 6c

Profuse flow of colourless, urine containing no sugar, if during night and day.
6 hourly

Lac-d 6c

Albuminuria and other affections of the kidneys
6 hourly

b. Diabetes Mellitus – present of glucose in urine and blood


Symptoms description by individual or diabetic person

Natrium phosphoricum
Condition arising from excess of lactic acid, often resulting from too much sugar , at night
6 hourly

Opium 6c

Sugar in blood an urine

6 hourly

Plumbum iodatum 6c

Uric acid increase, albuminous, low specific gravity
6 hourly

Syzygium 3x

Diabetes Mellitus, increasing the blood sugar , glycosuria.

6 hourly

Uranium nitricum 3x

Glycosuria and increase urine, to produce nephritis, diabetes, degeneration of the liver, high blood pressure and dropsy.

6 hourly

Aegle folia 6c

Diabetes Mellitus, presence of sugar in urine. In diabetes, blood sugar, blood urea
6 hourly

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There are many ways to control blood sugar levels. One must understand the physiology of our digestive track metabolism. Sugar or small unit needed in the body is glucose. Glucose enters into blood stream via small intestine. It is a good practice to drink tea to reduce the sugar but the actual scenario is tea or its digested substances has binding capacity to coat the protein, lipid and carbohidrate and the binding is very strong. Its may not bind all the food intake, that were partial digestion by stomach acidity to turn these protein, lipid and carbohidrate into glucose. With limitation of glucose generated in the small instestine, glucose absorption into blood stream is lesser. If you drink more tea substances, the binding of the tea substances with lipid, protein and carbohidrate become stronger till your body autoimmune system trigger the stomach cells to produce higher quantity of hydrochoric acid to help in the digestion. This made lead to secondary effect of damages to stomach as more acidic in the digestive tracks and it may lead to exhaustion of other organs like pancrease , liver, gall bladder to produce more juses to reduce the acidic effects.

Accessive tea drinking may lead to other health problems which we could not imagine later.

As for homeopathy medicine or remedy, it has nothing to do with the binding or macromolecules in the digestive track. It helps to strengthen the pancreas and regenerate the dead pancreas cells and auto better produce the amount of insulin needed by the body. The mechanism of the homeopathy is different from the tea methodology. The way homeopathy remedy work is to strengthen the organs to cather whatever homeostatis imbalances in the body, and it will lead to better assigning autoimmune in our body to eliminate accessive toxins in the body and regenerate body cells to restore body to the normal functional condition.

Thank you.
The Homeopathy Medicines are prepare according to Homeopathy Pharmacopia invented 250 years ago which has eliminate the crude substance of opium and uranium. The medicine has been potentised via homeopathical ways. Please visit to homeopathy medicine preparation related website for more details.

The homeopathy medicines has been proved by living people and documented in Materia Medica of Homeopathy Medicine. Homeopathy principle main criteria is a substance with a minium dose and single remedy that produce series of sickness symptoms ranging from mind, head, extremities, abdomen, stomach, rectum, stools, generalities, sleep, cough, respiration, throat, skin, eyes, nose and feelings. Each medicine will produce specific symptoms of sickness from the above body locations. For a patients or sick person, he/she will experience a series of sickness symptoms such as mental symptoms, body ache at certain part of body, characteristic stool, type of pains( stitching, pulsing, drawing, dull ), skins symptoms, and etc.... With this characteristic symptoms, homeopath will select a homeopathy prepared medicine that proved to have the same series of symptoms similar to the patient or sick person, prescribed the medicine in a single medicine and at a minimum dose to the patient. The patient will experience rapid, mild and gentle recovering in a short time. This principle is call Homeopathy or Like Cure by the Like.

Please visit Homeopathy Principle for more details and I am sure you love to read the wonderful treatments.
Hi Dr,

I am a type 2 diabetes. I have full trust on Homeopathy remedy. Currently I am under treatment of Dr Reckeweg Germany Homepatic Medicine Code R40. What is your opinion on it. Thanks
Dear knizams,

As long as you always make times to check on your blood sugar level, to maintain the sugar level within healthy range or 3 to 6 mmol/L, then your health will not experiencing any stress for maintaining the sugar level. As long as you take the medicine Code R40, please do check your blood sugar level. For your info, the supply will kill me if I advice you to regulate the consumption of Code R40 to see if your pancrease could produce insulin on its on by eating lesser and lesser R40. Homeopathy medicine has an action to promote regeneration of organs and its functions, so you may want to check how far the Code R40 has helped your organ.

You may try : lesser dose a day, or skip doses for a day for a period of one week, then check your sugar level. If it could maintain the stipulate level, your pancrease has the power to regenerate and produce insulin on it own ( make sure your eating style, quantity and type of food no change ).


Dr Edde
I am gurumurthy, residing in India, recently I learnt that if we use homeopthic medicine for some time, it will be completely cured, is this is correct
if so how it works and how much it costs
I am gurumurthy, residing in India, recently I learnt that if we use homeopthic medicine for some time, it will be completely cured, is this is correct
where the medicine will be available and how much it costs
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