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Determinism, normality, universal constraints, freedom


Determinism, normality, universal constraints, freedom

"Comportments" of the matter are immutable but beings have some freedoms ; what can we say then, about determinism, of the constraints and freedom ?

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Determinism, Normality, Universal constraints, Freedom

Determinism, Normality, Universal constraints, Freedom

"Given for one instant an intelligence which could comprehend all the forces by which nature is animated and the respective situation of the beings who compose it -- an intelligence sufficiently vast to submit these data to analysis-it would embrace in the same formula the movements of the biggest bodies of the universe and those of the lightest atom; for it, nothing would be uncertain and the future, as the past, would be present to its eyes. The human mind offers, in the perfection which it has been able to give to astronomy, a feeble idea of this intelligence. Its discoveries in mechanics and geometry, added to that of universal gravity, have enabled it to comprehend in the same analytical expressions the past and future states of the system of the world. Applying the same method to some other objects of its knowledge, it has succeeded in referring to general laws observed phenomena and in foreseeing those which given circumstances ought to produce.". (cf. P.S. Laplace - Philosophic Essay on Probability).

Certainly as Laplace remarked it, we can sometimes foresee what is unchanging in our world of ceaseless creations and of invariable "comportments", what is determined or partially determined,
but then, what can we say of this determinism and freedom degrees that are associated to it ?


Time is not any more, when some great minds were writing, fairly :
"Man cannot believe that he participates to whatever is beyond him. Henceforth, he knows that he is alone in indifferent immensity of the universe where he emerged by hazard. " (cf. J. Monod - The Hazard and Necessity).

We participate in the universal dynamics, in particular because we are permanently reconstructed in a unchanging and coherent way, by exchanges of cosmic particles,
whereas life’s phenomenon is a potentiality of the universe "materialized" as soon as state of a planet is adequate.

Nowadays, for example, we can recognize in beings, in the " bricks of life " which are RNA and DNA, the outcomes (the materializations to become realities), of ceaseless universal creation activities of transcendent order,
of materializations which attest sense’s respect and depend on inexorable and insuperable constraints.
So and paradoxically, the life's phenomenon is "printed" by determinism and degrees of freedom, and thus by normalities and abnormalities (non-normalities).

Normality and Abnormality (non-normality)

"But you can say, nobody makes sacrifices to folly, nobody erects temples to her. I have already said to you, I am a little surprised (it is folly who talks) of so much ingratitude ....
Folly must have a great favour in sky, because every day, we pardon faults to her that we would never forgive to a wise person. So, when with his wisdom a man effects some silliness, he attributes it immediately to folly, and he asks for protection to this good goddess, " (cf. Praise of the Folly - Erasmus - 1469, 1536).


Concerning the normality and abnormality which also express, in a singular way, the relative character of the perceptions's interpretation, again let's listen folly :
"...From me, do not expect a definition or a division of rhetorician. Nothing would be more moved. If you define me, this will give to me of the borders, but my power has no border ....
I went out neither of the Chaos, nor of the Hells; I owe the day neither to Saturn, nor to Japet, nor to old scrapped divinities. It is Plutus who was my father, this Plutus who is father of the gods and men ; this Plutus, today as formerly, who changes what he wants and puts topsy-turvy all profane and sacred things ; this Plutus who leads to his whim the war, the peace, the empires, the councils, the tribunals, the assemblies of the peoples, the marriages, the treaties, the alliances, the laws, the arts, the seriousness, the pleasant, …, I lose breath ....
In brief, without me, you will see in life no pleasant or permanent relation. The monarch will become soon insufferable to his people, the man-servant to his master, the servant to his mistress, the follower to his private teacher, the friend to his friend, the husband to his wife, the host to his host, the companion to his companion, if they are not ceaselessly occupied to to cherish themselves mutually with sweet illusions of the error, flattery, kindness, or with some other pleasant folly ....

There are thus two sorts of folly.
The one, hideous girl of the hells, that the cruel Furies send all the times when they throw their horrible snakes in hearts of the mortals, in order to blow the war's furies, the insatiable gold’s thirst, the shameful and criminal love, the parricide, the incest, and all other crimes of this sort ...
But there is also the other one, very different from the first one, which is intended to happiness of all men. Her consists in a certain delicious illusion which seizes the soul and which enables to this soul from forgetting all afflictions, all anxieties, all sorrows of life ...
Can we find men more crazy, and consequently happier than those who believe that by reciting every day the psalms's verses, they will go to paradise ?
Something of so crazy and of so pleasant, is not it the saints that one recognize protectors of various countries ? Every small part of the country has his saint, who is honored with particular ceremonies, and who also has his particular virtues. This one for example, cures the toothache, the other one relieves women in labour ; with this one things are returned, the other protects of a wreck, another the herds, …" (cf. Praise of the Folly).

It is true, as Blaise Pascal noticed it, "men are so naturally crazy as it would be be crazy, by another act of folly, of not to be crazy.".

We qualify of "normality" all that is collectively recognized and accepted as good, well.
Expressed more exactly, the normality is representative of all that is necessary and sufficient for good development of the individual, of his species and of the life's phenomenon,
and from a philosophic point of view, even theological, the "normality" would be what enables a well-balanced and coherent dynamics of the physical and psychological behaviors.
Can we be satisfied of this only definition ?
No certainly.

Any dynamics presupposes, indeed, changes (breakings) of balance, to potential state, which are representative of freedom degrees, and that is why to the normality, is always associated a more or less important proportion of "abnormality",
of non-normality that individual who has a consciousness state, must, sometimes, annihilate according to his powers and responsibilities.

As non-normality, to potential state, there is for example, "incitement to the very big" which leads to extraordinary actions.
Thus, in all civilizations this incitement led men,
to the "immoderate actions" as the megalithic constructions, the Seven wonders of the World, the cathedrals, the skyscrapers, the spatial projects, internet, ...,
to the unreasonable comportments as the myriads of "sacrifices", throughout our history, which resulted of bloodthirsty regimes, exaggerated ideologies, of freedom needs, …,
without forgetting the scientific headways which arose from "prodigious" intuitions.

But, what are primordial causes of these extravagant facts ?
Can we conclude that they result from deep desires printed by a little of folly ?,
the desire to show his power, the desire to flee mortal condition of man , …, and even, the desire to look like God.

The illnesses (which are abnormalities) were considered for a long time as only outcomes of physical "impacts" or results of biophysic "attacks" (viruses, germs, bacteria),
henceforth, they are also recognized be dependent sometimes on psychic state of the patient.

So, what to think of the one of a man who, apparently of sound mind, has however an awful fright of a small spider ?
Does not this fright depend from a psychological abnormality that results, no from a major structural defect of the brain, but from a " structural defect of some virtual cerebral images " which are his references ?
The despair that leads teenagers to suicide, and the psychological maladjustments resulting of drugs absorptions,
are, for example, typical expressions of these inadequacies between virtual references which "stay" (which are) in the abstraction's domain and the reality.

Henceforth we know also that a person who is afraid of certain animals, reacts, in a innate way, to their images presented by subliminal way (reactions quantified by measure of the cutaneous conductance).
We equally know that these inadequacies when they are expressed by frights and phobias, can be moderated, annihilated even, by some explanatory lessons which are means enabling restructurings of the abstract cerebral references,
of restructurings which necessitate, ipso facto, modification of the synaptic connections (links between the neurons).
Thus we understand better why the "lack of realism" of virtual cerebral references can lead to dependences, and sometimes to illnesses.

Besides, since we have relations with biomass and reality, these non-harmonies, these inadequacies between virtual images which serve as references, and reality, do they concern the various structural levels of the body, including quantum level ?
Think to "quantum events" as the elementary particles, which compose foundation of our physical identity and "root" us in the universe.
A subtle and difficult problem which hardly seems to interest the philosophers.

We postulate nevertheless, that there are limits to impact of the everyday life's events on what is primordial,
a comprehension that we support by fact that there are practically inviolable biological structures and that the number of evolutive ways is limited.
Moreover, Plato has been very probably sensitive to this constraint (this non-freedom) when he imagined his world of the eternal forms ; let us note that it's different for the concepts and ideas, particularly for the anticipations and dreams which are developped in the abstraction domain.
Think to what we make in the dreams ?, during these virtual journeys !

On the other hand, since the "abnormalities" (the non-normalities) are often the outcome of the ceaseless research activities taking place in the cells, we are convinced that some non-normalities concern the future of our species.
We think, for example, to the "junk DNA" qualified so because it is not useful, it seems, in the current life processes.

So, let's beware to the "monists" as Binswanger initiator of the existential analysis, and of their simplistic arguments according to which abnormality is fruit of the Nature's experiences.
We show it without cease, the Nature due to its only physical order, is not an "operator" who can recognize, judge, choose, …, respect value references as durations these intervlas which are not space.
In the other hand, the Nature's dynamics depends on novelties researchs, ceaseless, which presuppose a profusion of information, and of processes organizations flows to discretion of a creative entity, master of the "sense".

With regard to the necessary mastery of the value references, notably of durations, let's quote two non-normalities, the premature sexual maturity which leads to stops of growth, and on the contrary, the retarded sexual maturity which enables prolonged growths.
Indeed, these heterochronies (the evolutive changes of rhythms of development) are characteristic of the bad uses (of abnormal uses) of durations during development of the individual.
However, even there, let's beware to commonplace speeches as :
"some genes determine the chronology of the divisions of numerous cellular types, for example the divisions which characterize the development chronology.".
Genes determine nothing, make nothing, they enable of doing !

More precisely, the genes that are DNA segments, are composed, on average, of 45 thousands bases : adenine (A), guanine (G), thymine (T), and cytosine (C), in other words of 15 thousands codons (thus, human DNA is composed of about 30 thousands genes what corresponds to approximately 450 million codons).
They are separated by specific molecular structures as the exons which enable of doing proteins with information and extremely precise genetic processes organizations, and the introns which would be without action.

You noticed it, we speak about molecular biological structures which enable of doing and not, as biologists say it, of structures which make because we consider that the recognition, the judgments, the choices, …, and the decisions are of a transcendent order, and not of a physical order : the one of the matter.

Let's meditate on the addictions, these emergences of "abnormalities" in the "normality" which occur sometimes, after having lived particular existential experiences.

These non-normalities are not simply :
"of the behaviors fields that are characteristic of repeated acts , and in which prevails the dependence to a situation or to a material object which is looked for greedily",
as Pedinielli says it without to specify, we notice it, what is primordial in such fields.

They necessitate of incitements of transcendent order and faculties of same order,
of incitements which have to be "controlled", otherwise they lead often to excesses or (and) to dependences.
The examples abound, let's quote :

- the drug addicts who, to avoid constraints and risks of the existence, try to join strange virtual worlds by absorbtion of substances which give rise to psychic maladjustments.
But, why have they impression that they live differently ?
Is it only because they dream ?
It is more than it.
On account of major differences between their sensory perceptions and virtual cerebral images which are their references, their abstraction domain is partially "disconnected" from reality and numerous disharmonies appear between their psyche and the real.
Correlatively, the processes organizations with biological effects and the processes organizations with behavioral effects which enable their existential balances, lose their efficiency what provokes physical and psychic dysfunctions.

- the bulimic subjects, these " addicts of the excess " (of foods, purchases, behaviours with risks, …, even of sexuality),

- the anorexics who refuse to eat, privileging ceaselessly an ideal (for example, the women who want absolutely looking like top models),

- the inveterate players who, first interested in games's world, are after gradually more and more subjected, and in front of social constraints quickly unbearable which lead often to some singular pathological states,

so much behaviors which are expressing a "confinement" of the individual in abstract world which is his reference, a virtual world which contains non-normalities leading to reject of certain realities.

Thus we are rather far from Freud comprehension according to which, most of intense desires originate from primitive frustrations, for example, the frustrations associated to oedipus complex.

Naturally, nobody can deny that "call" to creation by sexual way, is, among the innate needs, the one which "mobilizes" most, all beings.
Nevertheless this indisputable fact expresss a more essential motivation" : the creation
an imperious duty that entity of transcendent order, implicated in the world, has to assume.
But, why this entity of divine character, is she not omnipotent ?

Inescapable problem for theologians of the third millennium !

The references which "furnish" abstraction's domain, naturally play a rôle in keeping of the life balances, physical and psychic. 
So, we understand better why such psychologist privileges the negative impact of the frustrations or traumatisms inflicted during childhood,
and another highlights the "calls" to pleasure (to libido), or need to forget by means of activities, the embarrassing situations.
We understand better also why the neurobiologists emphasize impact on the behaviour, of medical molecules as the serotonin.
Nevertheless let's remain watchful and critical in front of their speeches because, at the present time, these ignore primordial causes of the phenomena.

Let's consider the serotonin, previously quoted, and its moderating effect.
Is it active only by its physico-chemical properties ? 
Unceasingly we must repeat, the molecules are medically active, more because of information and of the processes organizations with biological effects and of the processes organizations with behavioral effects, of which they enable memorizing and diffusing, that because of their physico-chemical properties.

Let us insist more by evoking a large singular group of abnormalities (non-normalities) rather common today : the OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder).
These disorders indeed, can be treated,
- or by active bio molecules (chemotherapy),
- or with inculcating another comprehensions and another value references which enable, not only a neuronal reorganization (synaptic reorganization),
but also, and that is never said, elaboration of new virtual structures in the abstraction's domain (psychotherapy),
what is confirming dual nature of the beings.

The memorization of the "sense" and its "diffusion" appear so, once again, as key means which enabled life's appearance and still enable its development.

Several OCD would result from abnormalities perturbing the transmission of biological signals with behavioral effects, abnormalities observed at level of the synapses (of their links).
However, let's beware again, to current scientific speechs ; for instance, we can read concerning the serotonin :
"That is as if nervous impulses, of the neuronal system which is using the serotonin to pass on information, had been slowed down …".
Can we believe that the neuronal system "uses" molecules ?, in this particular case, the sérotonine which is besides named : neuromediator.
No ; this system, due to its only physical nature (physical order), is not at all an operator who can judge, choose, …, decide and to use.

Study of the phobias and OCD also shows that these non-normalities, physical as psychological, are results of different actualizations (materializations to become realities) of the same genetic potentialities because they concern all ethnic groups, the men as the women, and it, in all social categories.
Besides, a same biological non-normality, notably genetic, observed on diverse individuals do not produce necessarily the same effects (the same illnesses) and can, sometimes, be corrected by genetical modifications.
Let's quote the experiments led on vinegar fly (Drosophila) which show that some structural irregularities of her eye, due to certain mutagens, can be annihilated by means of other mutagens (mutagen : physical or chemical agent that enables the change of the genetic information).

Even sometimes, these abnormalities concern situations (problems) totally virtual (that have not been lived) ; let's quote blue funk of be contaminated by atomic radiations or of be affected by microbes, viruses or pathogenic bacteria.

For more information, know that besides some 6500 phobias recognized at the present time :
phobias for animals, blood, plane, the closed spaces, …,
more of three hundred and twenty mental disorders are listed in an international document under title DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders).

Let’s beware thus, to psychoanalysts and philosophers who consider, as Freud, that phobias and some mental disorders are only the expressions of a deep conflict, of an unconscious conflict between individual and reality (objects, phenomena).
It is common to read, indeed, concerning this non-normalities :
"they are result of (unconscious) innate defences which have to protect the me.".
But then, what is the true nature of the "me" ?,
what is the order of the I (me, ego, subject, spirit) in which the entity who animates us, recognizes herself ?,

this creative entity who manages our balances, notably psychical, and organizes our immune system.

It’s an essential question which cannot be ignored even if it is concealed by concise phrases expressed by reputed psychoanalysts.
Examples abound :

- "the unconscious intervenes there where the I does not wait him.".
The non-conscious ( the unconscious) does not intervene, it is not an operator but an innate knowledge state which is fruit of transcendent activities and of physical activities.

- "subject is support of the sense ".
Let's repeat again, the subject (the I, me, ego, spirit) is not support of the "sense" because he judges it and uses it, because he transcends it and that he is his master.

As conclusion, with regard to the normality and abnormality (non-normality) :
"what it is taught, is a so little thing, and for the larger part, so little credible, that we can approach truth only by swerving us from the ways today followed.".
(Text of Descartes paraphrased - The passions of the soul - Article 1).
We are not any more in epoch when Greeks were imagining the "anhomalos" as receptacle of unpredictable abnormalities !

To "normality", numerous non-normalities are always associated ; therefore, the normality is not simply what is "socially normal", or an ideal state, perfect and definitive.
As for inseparable pair " normality - non-normality ", it's a group of value's references,
one among multitude which emerges from consciousness' state and enables from judging the past experiences in order to anticipate future.

This pair also gives evidence existence,
- and of a determinism which affects all evolutions, these of the inert matter and life's phenomenon.
Let’s consider for example, genetic determinism ; indeed, we have to recognize that all behaviors, including these with risks, are depending, partially, on the processes organizations with biological effects and on the processes organizations with behavioral effects, constantly diffused in body,
of processes organizations, although they are ignored of our conscious understanding, that are depending nevertheless on a unique creative entity who elaborates them and uses them.
- and of freedom degrees which enable world's variety ; evolutions of species and beings' behaviors attest it sufficiently.

On account of this facts, the pair "normality - non-normality" is rich in philosophic and theological information.
Thus, we know henceforth, that the "non - normalities" don't result from a malefic spirit (Devil, Satan), acting only on the human race.
We know also that creative entity who for ever manages universe, is not omnipotent !

Another manifestations of the determinism, are evidently expressed of singular manner, by the universal constraints.

Universal constraints

Obviously, sciences shall never enable from reaching primordial causes which originate world’s diversity in spite of ceaseless researchs of scholars ; so, no physical theory which would enable from revolutionizing reality's understanding, was emitted since more of fifty years.
Besides, let's remind that the laws and their physical, chemical and mathematical formulae have no power ; they are only the singular and contextual symbolizations of unchanging behaviors, what presupposes inexorable constraints without any freedom degree.
Here are these which seem us most remarkable,

- the universal constants although these are rarely recognized as constraints ; very numerous, we let interested reader consult specialized literature.
But, nevertheless we have to be critical towards physicists who say us that if these constants were different, universe would not be the same.
The universal constants are fruits of inexorable constraints ; therefore, we must say :
if the world was not the same, the universal constants would be different,
but too, a great mystery, world is what it is, and world cannot be otherwise !

- the constraint of relativist character which obliges us to judge and to choose according antonyms : positive - negative, …, truth - error, …, good – evil.

- the invariant organization modes of the matter as the universal resemblances and invariabilities of scale.
Why this modes ?
Is not it because they depend (these typical ways of evolution), them too, on inexorable and insuperable universal constraints ?
We are convinced of it.
In other words, in the universe everything is not possible ; so, we know that the 10.000 sorts of quantum events detected or imagined by the physicists (7 to 8000 possible nuclei, 2000 nuclei more or less recognized and approximately 250 stable nuclei) enable of doing, only, about hundred chemical elements (oxygen, hydrogen, iron …).

Curiously therefore these invariabilities "cross" all structural levels of the reality and "cohabit" with the sudden structural changes (the structural jumps) which characterize universal dynamics.
Let's quote for example, the transformations (conversions) of phenomena in two post-phenomena (not in two sub-phenomena or sub-systems as it is generally said).
But then, how can we explain these duplication ?
Can we be satisfied by the current scientific speeches ?, as this one :
"The invariability of scale suggests that some solutions to general equation of Schrödinger, acting in common standard space, are leading to spontaneous duplications during an increase of the system’s energy".
Evidently, an equation solution, even of the equations, laws and principles, cannot act ; nevertheless, we retain idea of increase.
We postulate then, that these duplications are constraints correlative of substantial increases not only of energies but also of information and of processes organizations in matter.
Let's think to duplications which characterize the male and female cells !

- the critical states which appear during increases of the matter's complexity and which are recognized chaotic and symbolized by order parameters, critical exponents, correlation lengths, ...,
states often situated in a space where the ways of evolution are differentiated.

- the repetitive states (the "attractors") which characterize phenomena's dynamics.
These states sometimes form coherent groups ; for example, key-structures which enable increase of the matter's complexity.
Let’s quote the four unchanging structural poles, the four genetic bases : adenine (A), guanine (G), thymine (T), and cytosine (C).

- the exceptional propensity of the carbon either "to adopt", or "to lend" peripheral electrons.
Of this fact, some compounds of the carbon, due to their possibilities of extreme complexification, are fundamental molecules that enabled appearance of life, that enable the life,
what is showing narrowness of the way which leads to alive world.
Actually the silicon, germanium, tin and lead, have also this particularity but to a lesser degree, what is preventing elaboration of animate structures, reliable.
Existence of such obligatory ways, gives too evidence of universal constraints limiting number of possible evolution processes.

- the necessity of the water under liquid state, for the living structures,
and that of some chemical elements as the molybdenum, selenium, iodine and tungsten.

- the transmission process of energy , specific to the life’s phenomenon.
Indeed, the "physical work" which is do by the individuals is made possible by a typical chemical reaction ; that’s hydrolysis of a special vector of energy : the molecule of Adenosine TriPhosphate (ATP in specialists' language),
a hydrolysis which leads to formation of diphosphate ( ADP) and of phosphate.
Why one such a means of energy transmission ?
This choice, naturally, is not hazard's fruit.
The hazard, often recognized as cause of the universe's diversity, actually is expressing our small world's understanding, a fact which, too, is an inexorable constraint.

This choice does not depend any further on the Nature as say it numerous biologists. (cf. Why nature chose phosphates ? - Frank Westheimer).
The nature is not an operator
, but an aggregate of potentialities actualizations (of materializations to become realities),
of actualizations which are correlative of transcendent activities and of physical activities.
For example, Nature's dynamics necessitates of taking into consideration value references, as the durations these intervals which are not space but of transcendent order.
More generally, any dynamics presupposes faculties to recognize, choose, ... , act,
and gives evidence of a primordial intention, of determinism and of constraints.

- the structure's shape of the DNA.
The DNA is structured under shape of a double helix, rarely under shape of an only helix, except for some viruses ; that is the same for RNA, DNA's ancestor.
Consequently, we can see in this configuration, the one that enables, for the best, reliable replication of the genetic heritage,and also, a singular and imperative constraint that enables development of the life's phenomenon.

- the enzymes’ function.
According to C. de Duve ( Nobel) :
"The proto-metabolism which has not had enzymes for supports, must inevitably have been very different, from metabolism which is entirely founded on enzymes. And, however, the metabolism would not be appeared without using some ways of the proto-metabolism's , or at least, of substances which participate in it ... Not only enzymes are selected only if they have participated of the proto-metabolism, as we said, but reactions of the proto-metabolism are used in metabolism only if have been selected the enzymes which catalyse them. In other words, the proto-metabolism and enzymes are selecting themselves mutually. Consequently, appearance of the first enzymes could have created an important bottle-neck in the life's development, a key passage of what have been a "dirty" proto-metabolism, to a more "clean" metabolism." (cf. Singularities).

Nevertheless, these comments are acceptable only for scientific speechs because,
on one hand, it is more than a key passage but an obliged passage (a constraint) as the obliged passage by carbon and by water so that the life's phenomenon appears,
on the other hand, in research of primordial causes, we can’t consider that the proto-metabolism and enzymes are selecting themselves mutually, it is a major comprehension error ; indeed, the proto-metabolism is a process, and enzymes, due to their only nature physical (their physical order), cannot recognize, judge, select, …, and to act.

- the permanence of species.
The prokaryotes (the bacteria) which are primitive life forms, indeed represent "big mass" of the beings.
Bacteria occupy all spaces containing some water to liquid state, even those subjected to high pressures (with however a limit for high temperatures).
For example, in some grams of earth there are billions of bacteria and they constitute approximately, 3 % of our body weight (most of them, interacting with body, are indispensable to our life balances ; let's think to intestinal flora).

Omnipresence of the relatively unchanged bacterial state since about 3 billion years and, in a lesser measure, the extraordinary variety of insects (approximately a million kinds listed for only 4.000 kinds of mammals), is confirming thus, amply, that the apparent objective shown by the life’s phenomenon :
" ceaselessly more complexity " has limits,
and, consequently, that all the evolutive ways (the evolutive modes) have their constraints.

- the inevitable losses of information that affect the perceptions, whatever they are, when they cross the sensorial organs; it is an inexorable constraint.
Fortunately nevertheless, the beings can live by knowing only, some relative and sufficient truths !

- the fractal and subordinated character of the universe's components.
Think to atoms' structures and to molecules' structures,
to the phylums,
even, to transcendent links (logical or no) which enable coherence of the abstract structures as the thoughts.

- the latencies that affect evolutions of the life’s phenomenon and correlatively, the one of the psyche.
Let's quote, for example,
the years, thousands, almost without important human creation, which separated era of the first hewed stones, of the era of the first arrows heads,
or the fact that man's baby is conscious of himself only at age of about 18 months, so that the first lived experiences had enabled cerebral structures development.
These latencies are so, obvious examples of servitudes, of constraints that creative entity who animates the beings, can’t annihilate.

- the sacrificial character of the universal dynamics.
Let's think to struggles to death, ceaseless, which take place at every structural level of the beings.
Let's think also to fact that we have to eat beings, vegetables and animals, while trying to preserve life.
We can even say that existence of an individual, imposes ceaseless creation activities, permanent conflicts and necessary killings.
What challenge !

The constraints of which universe's dynamics depends, are numerous, nevertheless it's not necessary to continue to do their enumeration for giving more credibility to our speech.
Naturally, these constraints don’t result from systematic coincidences nor of an " unfortunate do-it-yourself ", and the scientific theories never will express their primordial causes.

For that, and with regard to determinism, normality and the freedom degrees, even, hazard that we can associate,
we must analyze the phenomena with an open mind and an extreme semantic rigour.
The physical and philosophical theories, often "hawked" by masters too imbued of their knowledges, then can be read with new lightings.
So :

"To always partial determinism …, are associated narrowly usage and validity domain of the scientific law, on which there is no debate." (cf. J. Ullmo - The modern scientific Thought).
It’s true, even, we shall say that there is never debates with regard to what the universal laws really represent, and presuppose.
And however, it is clear that these do not manage the universe but are only the expressions (formalizations) of unchanging behaviors and of possible evolutions,
of behaviors and evolutions which are resulting of potentialities actualizations (of materializations to become realities), and thus, are fruits of physical activities and of transcendent activities.

Another example,
"All events, even those on account of their insignifiance which do not seem to follow the great laws of the nature, are a continuation as needful as the revolutions of the sun.
In ignorance of the ties which unite such events to the entire system of the universe, they have been recognized as objects of final causes or of the hazard, according as they occur and are repeated with regularity, or without order,
but these imaginary causes have been gradually receded with the bounds of our knowledges and disappear entirely in front of sane philosophy, which sees in them only the expression of our ignorance of the true causes." (cf. Pierre-Simon Laplace - Analytic theory of probabilities - Introduction, volume 7).

Yes, as numerous scientists, we make easily to depend dynamics of the universe, this ceaseless creation, for ever unfinished, on more or less final causes with whom we associate influences of the hazard and aleatory processes,
this hazard, although interpreted of diverse manners :
- chance as unforeseen,
- aleatory when there are some possible expressions of the phenomena by calculation, notably of probabilities,
- contingent with alternative " can occur or not ",
which is expressing smallness of our conscious world's understanding.

With regard to our small capacity to understand the world, let's quote the cat's problem, imagined in 1935 by Erwin Schrödinger (1887 - 1961), one founder of the quantum mechanics.
Suppose a cat who is in a box containing a device that kills it, as soon as disintegration of a radioactive nucleus begins.
As beginning of this disintegration can't be specified with experimental means, but predicted only by a probability calculation, it is only by opening box that we can know if cat died or alive.

Nevertheless, let’s beware to erroneous philosophical interpretations which flowered then ; this uncertainty does not concern "physical realism" of the things (fact that events are real).
For us, that this cat could be at the same moment, dead and alive, is a conjecture among the ideas, the concepts, …, the anticipations, …, which "furnish" the abstraction's domain,
a domain that we can recognize as singular expression of an inaccessible world by experiment : the transcendent world of the potentialities and virtualities.

Regrettably, this mysterious world associated with the reality and named by our care : spacimplicatio,
this world of universal character because of its transcendent order, and within which our spiritual life dwells,
is ignored by the philosophers and theologians !

As for the creative entity implicated in the universe,
who "within us", ceaselessly must work and research, without be able to annihilate constraints and abnormalities (non-normalities),
who "by" intermediary of the I (ego, subject, spirit) in whom she recognizes herself, is revealing limits of her liberty and powers, acknowledging thus that she is not omnipotent although of divine nature,
who dares to speak about her ?,
who will dare to speak about her ?

Paul Moyne

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Comment by moyne paul on August 2, 2013 at 5:27am

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Paul Moyne


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