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Global Warming

Started by Inder in Google Knol News.. Last reply by marco bert Mar 26, 2010. 11 Replies

Anyone for debate

Content Creation

Started by Ted Phipps in General. Last reply by james nelson Sep 23, 2010. 18 Replies

If knol is to be like wikipedia, how do you go about creating a content page of useful info?

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Dark Patches appearing on my Face! Need Help..... Not A Problem with Homeopathy!!!

Started by Dr Edde Chan in Google Knol News.. Last reply by Dr Edde Chan Mar 27, 2009. 8 Replies

In tropical and equatorial regions country, there are blessed with alround year sun shine, our face and skin are also enjoying this full year exposure of sunlight. Therefore, sometimes brown or gray…Continue

Did Musharraf Assassinate Bhutto?

Started by NEWS in General. Last reply by ASHWANI JAIN Jan 14, 2008. 8 Replies

Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf has stated that his government was not involved in the assassination of Benazir Bhutto but many Bhutto supporters have angrily blamed Musharraf for her death by…Continue

Tags: elections, assassinate, benazirbhutto, pervezmusharraf, pakistan


Started by Dr Edde Chan in Google Knol News.. Last reply by xiangxin33 Feb 12, 2012. 14 Replies

Homeopathy Medical Treatment for Diabetes and Control Sugar level for people were long known in Malaysia. People who has gone for homeopathy treatment only know that there are good homeopathy…Continue

India-Aus Cricket

Started by Gaurav in General. Last reply by Mr Gandhi Jan 31, 2008. 9 Replies

What is your views about forthcoming Ind-Aus test Series.Who is going to win?Acc to me with the strong batting line up India have, they have very good chances of winning the series.But with bats like…Continue

Faith in Mind

Started by Mushin Do in General. Last reply by Taijiquestion Aug 2, 2008. 8 Replies

Do we have faith in the ability of our mind in the practice of taiji?


Internet News

Score big and try Google News for the Rugby World Cup

Rugby World Cup on Google News

Grab your flags and jerseys: The 2019 Rugby World Cup, hosted in Japan, is running from September 20 through November 2 this year. The tournament, which began in 1987, is held every four years between the top 20 international teams. They’re competing for the illustrious Webb Ellis Cup, named after William Webb Ellis, the alleged inventor of rugby. This will be the ninth Rugby World Cup and will mark the first time the tournament is held in Asia, and Google News is helping you get access to all the biggest moments. 

When you search and follow the Rugby World Cup on mobile, our interactive tournament wheel will transport you straight into the action. Follow your team through the pool stage, knockouts and finals with live coverage of every match including post-game reactions and analyses, player stats, injury reports, win probabilities and more.

No matter where you are or what device you have, we’ve got you covered. Our experience will be available across iOS and Android platforms across all 50+ languages we cover.

This feature also compliments our efforts across Google, specifically for YouTube, which will feature comprehensive match highlights from World Rugby and official tournament broadcasters, as well as interviews, a daily review show and behind-the-scenes action.

Will your team win? Join in on the scrum and find out with Google News.

Google Play Pass: Enjoy apps and games without ads or in-app purchases

Google Play has always been about connecting you to the best apps, games and digital content out there. Since everyone plays a little differently, we’re introducing a new way to enjoy many of these digital experiences: Google Play Pass.

Play Pass is a new subscription service that gives you access to more than 350 apps and games that are completely unlocked—all free of ads, in-app purchases and upfront payments. Play Pass offers a high-quality, curated collection of titles from Stardew Valley to AccuWeather, with new apps and games added every month.

Play Pass is coming to Android devices in the U.S. this week, and we’ll be bringing it to additional countries soon. You can get started with a 10-day free trial and subscribe for just $4.99/month. And for a limited time, you can get Play Pass for only $1.99/month for your first twelve months, then $4.99/month (see full terms).

Apps and games you already love, plus more to discover

The Play Pass collection spans hundreds of titles, from games that help you unwind to apps that power productivity. We think the creators of Monument Valley put it best: “Play Pass helps encourage people to try new experiences they would not have otherwise," says Maria Sayans, CEO of Ustwo games.

You’ll find well-known apps and games like Terraria, Monument Valley, Risk, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and AccuWeather. And others you might be less familiar with that are just as amazing, like LIMBO, Lichtspeer, Mini Metro, Old Man’s Journey and many more. With new additions every month—including titles like This War of Mine and Cytus coming soon—there’s always something new to discover.

Google Play_play pass.gif

To make all of these apps and games easier to find, we’ve added a new Play Pass tab for subscribers. Play Pass apps and games can still be found throughout the Play Store–just look for the Play Pass “ticket.” All apps and games found on the Play Pass homepage or throughout the Play Store with the ticket are completely unlocked with your subscription.

Share with the whole family

Just like Google Play Family Library, family managers can share their Play Pass subscription with up to five other family members. Each family member can access Play Pass individually, so your experience won’t be affected by what others download. Play Pass also has a great selection of family-friendly content—from Toca Boca classics to the My Town series—so the whole family can enjoy.

Get started

Once Play Pass is available on your Android device this week, you can start your free trial by simply opening the Play Store app, tapping the menu at the top left, and looking for “Play Pass.”  Learn more about Play Pass—and have fun! 

Latino genealogists use Google to search for their roots

Editor’s note: For National Hispanic Heritage Month, we teamed up with Los Angeles-based artist and photographer Arlene Mejorado, whose work explores themes of racial identity and cultural experience. She brought the family stories of Joana Diaz and Lenny Trujillo to life for this article.

Mimi Lozado

Mimi Lozano says genealogy has been a way to dispel the many stereotypes and celebrate the contributions of Hispanic and Latino families. Photo provided by the author.

When 85-year-old Mimi Lozano began looking into her Mexican heritage in the 1980s, she had a hard time accessing any information about her ancestors. It turns out the same was true for other people with her background, so she and other local genealogists took action. They decided to start the Society of Hispanic Historical and Ancestral Research, which has been helping people find their roots for over 30 years. 

Mimi, who recently retired as head of the organization, has seen how technology has made genealogy research easier, particularly for Latino and Hispanic genealogists. "That's what I tell people. Don't get frustrated,” she says. “If you Google it, someone will have some information."

But Mimi isn’t alone in her search. Around the country, Hispanic and Latino genealogy enthusiasts are using Google technology to help them track down records, connect with other researchers and even reunite with long-lost relatives, to piece together a richer picture of the past.

Growing up, Lenny Trujillo only knew bits and pieces of his family history. As a young boy, his father would take him to the Agua Mansa Cemetery in Colton, California, where dozens of his relatives are buried. 

After retiring from the U.S. Postal Service, Lenny, who is 67, wanted to learn more about the patriarch of his family, Lorenzo Trujillo. In 1841, Lorenzo brought his entire family over from New Mexico to modern-day California, becoming one of the early non-indigenous settlers of the San Bernardino and Riverside areas.

Using Search, Lenny could look at the burial records of all the Trujillos at the cemetery and research the Old Spanish Trail, which his great-great-great grandfather Lorenzo traversed with his family over a thousand miles by foot. 

Lorenzo's journey made a deep impression on Lenny. He wanted to memorialize Lorenzo in a significant way, so he enlisted a sculptor and chose one of his artworks to place near the unmarked gravesite. The design, he says, reminds him of a hurricane. “The center is bringing force in but it's also distributing everything at the same time," he says.

For 42-year-old Joana Diaz of Philadelphia, genealogy became a way to feel proud of who she is. Growing up, she would spend most summers in Puerto Rico, staying intermittently with both sets of grandparents, then back home, where she had very little family. So she started to look into her genealogy to feel closer to her family back in Puerto Rico. 

Using Search, she found an old census and history books about Puerto Rico. She learned more about the line of family who came to Puerto Rico from Corsica, deciphering these documents with the help of Google Translate. One of her favorite finds was an old photograph of the church in Cidra, Puerto Rico, where she spent a number of summers. 

"It's important to remember the struggles before you and what our ancestors went through,” she says. “On the island, time moves slowly. But it's also where people are still very connected to the earth, to the culture and who they are."

Kat Romero

Kat Romero displays the family heirlooms that belonged to her great-grandmother Antonita Alires, which she uncovered by tracking down a relative using Search. Photo by Sabi Rivera.

Like Lenny, Kat Romero, 37, of Norman, Oklahoma, wanted to learn more about her Hispanic-New Mexican lineage. As a child, Kat mostly grew up with her mother's side of the family. But she longed to know more about her father's family.

She found a book, made available on Google Books, that showed that her father’s maternal side was from a long line of prominent Hispanic families. The platform, she says, has been valuable. "You would have to read countless books that would be in academic libraries just to find a mention of your ancestor," she says.

She went on to look into her father’s paternal line. Then, she heard that one of her relatives had many of the family keepsakes. The only problem: Due to a family rift, no one knew her whereabouts.  She did some research in Google Search, then called each phone number and wrote letters to each address she found. When she had a good feeling about one of the addresses, she went to investigate. 

Her hunch was right, and her long-lost cousin greeted her warmly, bringing out bins of photos and family memorabilia. Kat inherited her great grandmother’s tobacco box, hair comb and rosary—things she now treasures.

Gabriel Garcia

At age 15, Gabriel Garcia started an online social networking group with other Cuban Americans researching their roots because many of them did not know about their history.  Photo courtesy of Gabriel Garcia. 

A link to a place was also the reason for 23-year-old Gabriel Garcia to start digging into his ancestry. Gabriel came to Miami when he was 4 years old. His grandfather had been a political prisoner, and as a result his family was given asylum. 

Coming to the U.S. at such a young age, he thought genealogy might be a way to connect to the country he left behind. In his family, he's gained the nickname el investigadorbecause of his relentlessness. 

He interviewed all the relatives he could find. Through Search, he found some key information about his great-great grandfather, who migrated from the Canary Islands to Cuba: an article that listed the date he became a Cuban citizen. With additional digging, he found an image in a digitized book that showed his great-great grandfather in his tobacco field.  

His research led him to meet with relatives he never knew existed. Not only that, he says it has also made him more open-minded. "It opens up another way to interpret and see the world," he says.

"category": "article lead", "action": "related article - inline", "label": "article: mariate-arnal-google-mexico" }" href="">

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