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Best Relocation services in India@ packers and movers gurgaon

packers and movers gurgaonmovers and packers mumbaiStrategies For Handling Belongings To Shift It is just a relatively risk-free choice that will given that civilisation is present right now there will almost always be products to go. Regardless the way little you can reduce in size technological innovation associated with day-to-day materials, seems like impossible that will teens can…See More
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"Webinar: Time Is Of The Essence: Manage It Wisely"
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Jun 4, 2015
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"How can I strategically plan my life strategies?"
Feb 25, 2015
Renee: CEO Life Coach posted a status
"With me as ‪your‬ Life Strategy Coach, you and I will explore your options to discover what you really..."
Feb 19, 2015
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Feb 4, 2015

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Global Warming

Started by Inder in Google Knol News.. Last reply by marco bert Mar 26, 2010. 11 Replies

Anyone for debate

Content Creation

Started by Ted Phipps in General. Last reply by james nelson Sep 23, 2010. 18 Replies

If knol is to be like wikipedia, how do you go about creating a content page of useful info?

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Dark Patches appearing on my Face! Need Help..... Not A Problem with Homeopathy!!!

Started by Dr Edde Chan in Google Knol News.. Last reply by Dr Edde Chan Mar 27, 2009. 8 Replies

In tropical and equatorial regions country, there are blessed with alround year sun shine, our face and skin are also enjoying this full year exposure of sunlight. Therefore, sometimes brown or gray…Continue

Did Musharraf Assassinate Bhutto?

Started by NEWS in General. Last reply by ASHWANI JAIN Jan 14, 2008. 8 Replies

Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf has stated that his government was not involved in the assassination of Benazir Bhutto but many Bhutto supporters have angrily blamed Musharraf for her death by…Continue

Tags: elections, assassinate, benazirbhutto, pervezmusharraf, pakistan


Started by Dr Edde Chan in Google Knol News.. Last reply by xiangxin33 Feb 12, 2012. 14 Replies

Homeopathy Medical Treatment for Diabetes and Control Sugar level for people were long known in Malaysia. People who has gone for homeopathy treatment only know that there are good homeopathy…Continue

India-Aus Cricket

Started by Gaurav in General. Last reply by Mr Gandhi Jan 31, 2008. 9 Replies

What is your views about forthcoming Ind-Aus test Series.Who is going to win?Acc to me with the strong batting line up India have, they have very good chances of winning the series.But with bats like…Continue

Faith in Mind

Started by Mushin Do in General. Last reply by Taijiquestion Aug 2, 2008. 8 Replies

Do we have faith in the ability of our mind in the practice of taiji?


Internet News

AG Paxton’s false claims still don’t add up

Today we’re filing a motion asking the court to dismiss Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s antitrust lawsuit over our advertising technology (“ad tech”) business.

This lawsuit has now been rewritten three times. With each version, AG Paxton follows the same pattern: make inaccurate and inflammatory allegations, publicize them widely, and repeat. This playbook may generate attention, but it doesn’t make for a credible antitrust lawsuit.

AG Paxton's allegations are more heat than light, and we don't believe they meet the legal standard to send this case to trial. The complaint misrepresents our business, products and motives, and we are moving to dismiss it based on its failure to offer plausible antitrust claims.

Why this lawsuit misses the law and the facts

At its heart, AG Paxton is asking the court to force us to share user data and design our products in a way that helps our competitors rather than our customers or consumers. But American antitrust law doesn’t require companies to give information to, or design products specifically for, rivals. This lawsuit fails to acknowledge that ad tech is a highly dynamic industry with countless competitors. It’s been recognized that competition in ad tech has led to reduced fees, encouraged new entry, led to increased investment and expanded options for advertisers and publishers alike.

Correcting AG Paxton’s false and misleading allegations

AG Paxton overlooks, or misstates, a litany of clear facts. We want to publicly and unequivocally refute the more egregious allegations:

  • We don’t force “tying”: A central allegation in AG Paxton’s lawsuit is that publishers are forced to use our ad server in order to access our ad exchange. This allegation is simply wrong, and AG Paxton offers no evidence to prove otherwise. If a publisher wants to use our ad exchange with a different ad server, they are free to do so.
  • Header bidding is thriving: A core claim is that we prevented rivals from using a technology, header bidding, through our Open Bidding program. But again, the facts don’t support that. Since we launched Open Bidding, header bidding’s popularity has continued to grow. Recent surveys show a vast majority of publishers currently use header bidding. We simply haven’t held header bidding back.
  • Our auctions are fair: The complaint uses deliberately inflammatory rhetoric to accuse us of a litany of wrongdoings: “misleading” publishers, “rigging” auctions through special data access, running “third price auctions,” “pocketing the difference.” But quite simply, we have – provably – done none of these things. AG Paxton is distorting various optimizations that we have created to improve publisher yields and returns for advertisers. To be clear, contrary to his claims, these optimizations did not and do not result in Google “pocketing” additional revenue share and do not make auctions unfair. And our auction was always a second price auction (until 2019 when it became a first price auction).
  • Out-of-date claims: And more broadly, much of AG Paxton's lawsuit is based on out-dated information that bears no correlation to our current products or business in this dynamic industry (and in any event never amounted to a violation of antitrust laws).

Facebook Audience Network’s participation in Open Bidding

The allegation that has generated the most attention is that we somehow “colluded” with Facebook Audience Network (FAN) through our Open Bidding agreement. That’s simply not true.

To set the record straight, we are today including the full text of our agreement with FAN in our motion to the court. Here are some facts that contradict AG Paxton's claims:

  • This is far from a secret deal: We announced FAN’s participation as one of over 25 partners in our Open Bidding program, all of whom have signed their own agreements to participate.
  • This is a procompetitive agreement: FAN’s participation benefits advertisers because it gives them additional ways to reach their desired audiences. And it benefits publishers because it introduces additional bidders to compete for their ad space, earning them higher returns. In fact, if FAN weren’t a part of Open Bidding, AG Paxton may have claimed we were preventing a rival from accessing our products and depriving publishers of additional revenue.
  • FAN’s involvement is not exclusive: The agreement doesn’t prevent FAN from participating in header bidding or other competing auctions. In fact, FAN participates in several similar auctions on rival platforms. The agreement also doesn’t prevent FAN from building a competing product. Our agreement explicitly states that FAN’s participation is not exclusive (and nowhere in our agreement is header bidding even mentioned). And the entire Open Bidding program (of which Facebook is one of 25 participants) accounts for a small fraction of the display ads we place.
  • We do not manipulate the auction: Finally, this agreement does not provide FAN with an advantage in the Open Bidding auction. FAN competes in the auction just like other bidders: FAN must make the highest bid to win a given impression, period. If another eligible network or exchange bids higher, they win the auction. We don’t allocate ad space to FAN, they don’t receive speed advantages, and we don’t guarantee that they win any auctions.

Our advertising technology helps fund digital content that benefits everyone, and it supports thousands of businesses, from small advertisers to major publishers. Our work in this space is designed to balance and support the needs of publishers, advertisers and consumers.

We’re confident that this case is wrong on the facts and the law, and should be dismissed. However, if it does move forward, we’ll continue to vigorously defend ourselves.

XWP helps publishers get creative using Web Stories

Editor’s note: Today’s guest post is from Amit Sion, Chief Revenue Officer at XWP.

Content creation is growing at a faster pace than ever before. Digital media has made it easier for niche publishers to reach global audiences. And publishers are now competing for readers’ attention and time not just with each other, but with social media platforms. With seemingly limitless ways to get news, entertainment and other information, publishers need to find ways to stand out.

Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, our web agency XWP works with technology, media and publishing companies. Part of what we do is help publishers engage readers and thrive in today’s highly competitive and often mobile-first marketplace. One way we help them do that is through Web Stories.

A carousel of five Web Stories is featured with topics like tech, music and film.

The Australian features their top Web Stories in a carousel on their homepage.

We recently began working with News Corp Australia to use Web Stories across their family of publications. For example, Australia's most prominent newspaper, The Australian, just added a Web Stories carousel to their homepage under the “Visual Stories” heading. They are using Web Stories for a variety of sections, including news, travel, lifestyle, arts and entertainment.

We are also working with News Corp brands in the U.S., like The Wall Street Journal, and hope to bring Web Stories to even more News Corp publications. In each project, we learn something new and try to share that experience globally.

A man stands over a bar with three friends laughing and drinking beer. The text on the image reads: “Bored during COVID, Rich Joyce, left, decided to put a television in his garage for a no-frills hang-out spot. Before he knew it, he had spent about $5,000 to convert the garage into a pub, with a 4-foot wooden bar, a pinball machine and a sign dubbing it ‘Joycee’s Bar & Grill.’”

The Home garages getting pandemic makeovers Web Story in The Wall Street Journal shares many garage renovations, including this transformation into a pub.

"News Corp Australia is producing more Web Stories a week than any other publisher in the world,” says Rod Savage, Partnership Editor of News Corp Australia. ”We could not output such volumes of quality content without a quality publishing system and XWP's plug-in has proven to be robust and intuitive. We're looking forward to continuing to build a mutually beneficial relationship with the common goal of making Web Stories a stunning user experience."

On the Google app on Android and iOS, News Corp’s Web Stories appear on Discover (currently available in the U.S., India and Brazil). This is a useful tool for reaching new audiences, and our customers are seeing positive results in their web traffic.

We’re also helping smaller, independent publishers use Web Stories to engage their audiences. For example, a COWGIRL Magazine Web Story promoted a documentary about Wyomingrodeo athlete Amberley Snyder, who built her life back after losing the use of her legs in an automobile accident.

Amberley is sitting in a wheelchair and wearing a black blouse, blue jeans and a cowboy hat. She is putting a brown saddle on a horse.

COWGIRL Magazine used the Web Stories format to share how rodeo athlete Amberley Snyder began riding horses again after a car crash that left her paralyzed below the waist.

“It's a different way of telling a story online, unlike anything that anybody's doing out there,” says COWGIRL Magazine Founder and CEO Ken Amorosano. “[Social media stories are] rapid fire…but they’re not really telling a story. A blog post is telling a story, but it's out of sequence, as a photo doesn’t necessarily link with a paragraph. With Web Stories, every word with that image, with that video, matters. And it matters to the actual flow of the story. It has a beginning, middle and an end. And it's very, very, very powerful.” Check out my interview with Ken to learn more about their experience using Web Stories.

Over the years, we’ve learned a lot about how to develop, deploy and enhance Web Stories for publishers. We’ve found that you can't just take an article and break it up into pages with text — it has to be more engaging. Web Stories offer the ability to add video, sound and images, and publishers need to find the right balance of using multiple media to tell their stories. When we start with publishers, the first thing we do is look at some existing stories. Then we encourage them to think about how to transform them into immersive Web Stories.

We can’t wait to see where Web Stories take XWP and our publishers next. That includes working with Google to develop Web Stories for WordPress, and helping even more of our customers experiment with Web Stories to grow their audiences and create new reader experiences.

From Lagos to London, this marketer is making an impact

Welcome to the latest edition of “My Path to Google,” where we talk to Googlers, interns and alumni about how they got to Google, what their roles are like and even some tips on how to prepare for interviews.

Today’s post features Oiza Sadiq, an Associate Product Marketing Manager based in Lagos, Nigeria (soon to be London) who seeks ways to make real-life impact through her work.

What do you do at Google?
I’m an Associate Product Marketing Manager (APMM) at Google. The APMM program is a two-year rotational development program for early-career digital marketers. During our rotations, we work on different teams across Google Marketing to get experience and build our skills. In my current role as a Growth Strategist on the Growth Lab team, I work with product marketers to develop strategies and campaigns to help people better understand how to use Google products.

What have been the driving forces behind your career?

I’ve always been passionate about helping individuals and businesses grow. I get fulfillment from seeing people impacted by either the knowledge I share or the work I do — through creating campaigns, supporting product marketers, launching new features or learning more about our users. And I know that I can’t give what I don’t have, which is why I’m so driven to find inspiration and success myself.

Oiza, wearing a Google t-shirt, smiles and holds up the two-finger “peace” sign in front of the Google logo.

Oiza in our Lagos, Nigeria office

How would you describe your path to Google?

When I got to university, I learned about a group of students — the Google Student Ambassadors (GSA) — who shared resources and trained other students on Google products. I was drawn to how helpful and knowledgeable they were, so I joined the program in my second year.

After building my skills as a Google Student Ambassador, I landed my first job after university as a project and campaign manager at a digital agency. I eventually reached out to a Googler, who led the GSA program at the time, and told her I wanted to take on more challenging projects and someday become a Googler like her. She shared that there was an open contract role at Google for a Strategic Partner Manager, who would help establish partnerships to provide public Wi-Fi in Nigeria. She encouraged me to apply and put my best foot forward.

So I did, interviewed and got the role. After 16 months in that position, I transferred to the APMM program — and now, here I am.

What surprised you about the interview process?

I typically dread interviews, because it feels like you are in a hot seat trying to prove and convince people of your worth. So when I spoke with my Google interviewers, I was surprised that it felt like any other chat. Everyone was friendly and engaging, which really helped me be myself.

Oiza, with her arms crossed and wearing black glasses and an orange top, smiles at the camera for a headshot image.

What’s next for you at Google?
As part of my second rotation with the APMM program, I’m moving to London to join my new team. As a Growth Specialist, I’ll look after markets like Northern Europe, Central and Eastern Europe — and my home, Sub Saharan Africa (I’m from Kogi State, Nigeria and started in Google’s Lagos office).

And what excites you outside of your role?

Outside of my role, I love working with secondary school students and giving career talks and digital skills training. I also do voice-overs for events, including speaker introductions and program announcements.

Any tips for anyone hoping to join Google?

Be your authentic self, put your best foot forward and apply for that role!


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cool stuff

Best Relocation services in India@ packers and movers gurgaon

Posted by HIMANSHI HIMANSHI on September 5, 2014 at 4:55am 0 Comments

packers and movers gurgaon

movers and packers mumbai

Strategies For Handling Belongings To Shift


It is just a relatively risk-free choice that will given that civilisation is present right now there will almost always be products to go. Regardless the way little you can reduce in size technological innovation associated with…


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Shifting company or industrial goods is quite a bit more intricate task from shipping connected with household stuff. It contains many stressful and intricate jobs that lead wonderful stress over the people. These kinds of relocations consist of handling connected with machines in addition to tools, bulky and large furniture, equipments, electronic goods many other such forms of stuffs. For most people it seriously isn't possible to deal with shipping each one of these stuffs with no…


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Moving Home? Get Professional Help to Make it Easy

Posted by Sanjeev Saxena on March 6, 2014 at 6:11am 0 Comments

Moving home? Have you lots of belongings to be packed and shifted? Yes then the process of home shifting can be very daunting and stressful event of your life. There are lots of issues apart from tedious tasks such as packing, loading, transporting, unloading, unpacking and rearranging of items. So what can be done best for making home shifting easy and simple? In my point of view you should get professional help so that you can simplify the process and make it easy and simple. If you truly…


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Techniques for Moving Large Furniture Correctly

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Looking for a lot of tips pertaining to moving pieces of furniture safely? Scroll down to learn about ways to prevent problems for the furniture and get away from injuries on the body even though moving hefty furniture.


If you're moving in to a new condominium, the process of moving and supplying heavy pieces of furniture items is perhaps quite demanding. Even in case you have sought professional help, you must make sure that the household items are usually handled while…


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When one is moving into a new household, the likelihood of breaking as well as damaging a thing are excessive. While a lot of may believe that this is the chance that can be taken, we say who's isn't. However, if 1 knows the tips about how to pack as well as move correctly, then there might be no place for mishaps. There are usually professional movers who will help you to shift, packing every thing away carefully to be able to avoid any damage. However, not many companies will make an…


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Moving derived from one of house to a different, or a single city to a different could be a very stress filled task by itself. To ensure that everything may be packed effectively, and that it reaches safely inside same condition to another location place, also to then abide by the rest of the moving list, is rather taxing. Though you might have hired packers along with movers for the exact purpose, you will quickly realize yourself continually stressing about whether or not they are handling…


The Responsibility of Moving Firm

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Going in one spot for a yet another can be a challenging and also demanding period. As soon as transferring ones house or office you should encounter quite a few undesirable tiresome and also busy difficulties. There are plenty involving items that ought to be accomplished along the way associated with relocating or maybe switching; for example, taking connected with merchandise, filling, transferring, unloading, unpacking, for example. Most of these chores are tedious and also allow you to…


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