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About Me:
Graduated in physics and chemistry, I took part to the oil prospecting researchs led in Africa.
After this great experience, I returned to my first interest for physico-chemical engineering.
My vast knowledge enables me today to bring new answers to issues raised by the origin of life, the evolution of species, the coming out of mankind, the sense of life …
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Origin of Life, Evolution of Species and Emergence of Man

Origin of Life, Evolution of Species and Emergence of the Man

The main part of this theory is deposited at Academy of Sciences, Paris, into sealed envelope n°17611

Paul Moyne

Every being is the pole (centre) of ceaseless processes organizations with biological effects and of processes organizations with effects on the behaviour.
These processes organizations,
elaborated by means of a universal system of "values references", necessitate :
- the sense's vectors
- biological memories,
- the permanent interpretation innate (or innate and conscious) of characteristics of these vectors and memories.

Let us try to show what these facts imply as for Appearance of Life, Evolution of Species, Emergence of the Man.

1. Origin of life

1. 1. The inert matter, memory and vector of "sense"

Let us relate experiments which were led in laboratories of the Digibio company, in Paris.
Very briefly expressed,
these experiments which are founded on fact that all the particles, atoms, molecules vibrate (electromagnetic vibrations are always associated to particles, to atoms and to molecules),
appeal to two original processes :
- the first one enables picking up the biological signals which characterize the medically active molecules.
For that, it is enough to put in an electromagnetic field, a test tube containing some pure water and a drop of these molecules,
then to do a recording, under a numeric shape, of the disturbances of the electric current which generates this field.
- by second process another water, strictly pure, is subjected to a electromagnetic field modulated by means of the aforesaid recording (this new field is naturally similar to the field the disturbances of which were recorded).

Remarkable fact, after approximately 20 minutes, the water, strictly pure, is, itself, memory and vector of some processes organizations of the experimented active products.

For the history, let's remind that these works, of which the results disturb enormously the current intelligentsia, were abandoned after Jacques Benveniste's death in October 2004, but have continued in United States, and are now developed by Luc Montagnier (Nobel).
The research teams of this one, can henceforth "restore" DNA fragments, by means of electromagnetic waves "extracted" from other DNA fragments serving as references, it’s a fact which shows that there is of the "sense" in the matter and that electromagnetic waves are the primordial vectors because they are the only ones which can cross the quantum space separating the particles, the atoms and molecules.

1. 2. First conclusions

We remark seven essential facts :
- results of these experiments are not aleatory,
- inert matter is a memory of the "sense" and so, we are evolving in a cyberworld,
- electromagnetic waves are the primordial vectors of the processes organizations which have biologic effects (even, of all processes organizations),
- there are numerous electromagnetic waves, of 20 in more than 40.000 hertzes, that are associated to molecules.
- some electromagnetic waves of very very small power are indispensable to beings, others are neutral or harmful.

We think particularly of the mitogenetic radiation, composed of photons fluxes, which reveals that all the alive tissues emit information by means of certain electromagnetic waves of very very small power (intensity of the mitogenetic radiation was estimated by Russian biophysicist Alexandre Gurwitch, in the 1920s).

More extraordinary, according to works of Vlail P. Kaznatcheïev, in the Siberian department of the Russian Academy of medical sciences, pathogenic effects are also transmitted between cells, by electromagnetic waves.

- some molecules are medically active mainly because they enable improving the memorization and diffusion of biological processes organizations,
- as for water, it's a memory and a vector of processes organizations with biologic effects and of processes organizations with effects on the behaviour, and even, maybe, it's an amplifier.

1. 3. Memorization and Origin of Life

Memorization processes at molecular level, are not therefore so commonplace as they appear at first sight.

Let's consider for example, what the current researchs teach us about behavior of the water molecules to liquid state, when these are subjected to an electromagnetic field.
We know that specific molecular conglomerates appear, and, essential fact,
to every shape and bigness of these conglomerates, is associated a specific group of electromagnetic waves, characterized by interferences of these waves.

It is so, for all conglomerates, particularly for deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and ribonucleic acid (RNA), these two magnificent long chains of molecules made with carbon, and on which genetic heritage is memorized.
It’s therefore, extreme variety of these interferences that enables extreme variety of the biological processes organizations and of information.

Very briefly, what do we know with regard to appearance of such molecules ?
There are about 3,5 billion years, by impact of the solar energy, in particular by impact of the ultraviolet radiation (UV), water and carbon dioxide that were on earth, have reacted together to form simple molecules as the formaldehyde ; by forming oxygen, this reactions then enriched atmosphere.
At the same time, several more and more complex stable compounds of molecules with carbon, were synthesized :
polysaccharides (composed of elements C, H, O), amino acids (elements C, H, O, N) with short chains, polypeptides (with long chains of amino acids), proteins (with very long chains of amino acids), polynucleotides with the phosphor, …
All was synthetised in the primordial oceans.
Then, by facilitating synthesis of singular agglomerates (coacervates ), this oceanic symbiosis gave more subtle chemical combinations of proteins with nucleic acids, which led to the spiral structures that enable passing on, by duplication, of the biological processes organizations, of which they are the memories (and the vectors).
It was the first-RNA (the proto RNA) which is become today, ribonucleic acid (RNA) and deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA).

Even if this description does not translate exactly the facts, it remains that all the evolution stages of life's phenomenon, were characterized by two main way of increasings,
physico-chemical interactions increasings and biological processes organizations increasings, what presupposes more that the omnipresence of memories :
permanent interpretation of the electromagnetic waves's characteristics, sense vectors, associated to molecules which were necessary for life's origin, and of the electromagnetic waves's characteristics which are necessary for evolutions of this phenomenon.
Evolution of circulatory and nervous systems which enable control and sense's diffusion in all organs, confirms amply this understanding.

why a very small quantity of some chemical elements in the body, is it necessary for our life equilibriums,
and why number of these elements has augmented during complexity increase of the individuals ?
Is not it because increasings of biological memorization capacities necessitate more and more complex and subtle molecules ?

We can say also, that memorization process of the sense at molecular level, is comparable to language (and vice versa) :
the biological molecular letters are frequencies of electromagnetic waves,
the biological words and sentences are frequencies groups of these waves.

Who is recognizing them and using them ?

1. 4. Postulates

Numerous facts give so, credibility to our postulates :
- laws don't govern universe as it's ordinarily said, because the universal laws cannot recognize, judge, choose, …, decide and do ; they are only formalizations of immutable behaviours !
- we are evolving in a cyber world where the processes organizations diffusings and the emorization processes "play" an essential rôle,
- of important increases of memory capacities on account of reliable complexity augmentations of molecules containing carbon,
and so, of substantial increases of processes organizations and of information in a specific matter containing these molecules and of the water,
have enabled origin of life,
- electromagnetic waves are primordial vectors of the processes organizations and of information which enable universe's dynamics,

- life's phenomenon is an universal potentiality which is inexorably actualized (to become realities) if conditions on a planet are adequate.

2. Evolution of Species

2. 1. Brief historical and current understanding.

Dynamics of the living matter is always object of "classical" ceaseless researchs but it seems today, that these will not give more information as for primordial causes.
Nevertheless the discoveries and theories made by the naturalists, the paleontologists, ..., the biologists and the neurobiologists enable us to imagine credible beyond(s) the world rich of expectations, and for that, let's remind, briefly, main facts which characterize evolution of species :

- the impact of the environment recognized by Jean Baptiste Lamarck (1744 - 1829) :
" A quantity of facts teach us that when the individuals of one of our species, are changing of situation, of climate, of way of being or usually, they receive influences which change little by little consistency and proportions of their parts, of their shape, of their faculties, …
Nature by producing successively all kinds of animals, and beginning with these which are imperfect or simplest, ending its work by these which are more perfect, has complicated gradually their organization …" (Cf. Zoological philosophy),
and of the heredity, even of a law :
"Lamarck has been first man whose conclusions on subject excited much attention …
He rendered an eminent service to science declaring that each change of the organic world, as well as of the inorganic world, is result of a law, and not of a miraculous interposition. " (Cf. Charles Darwin - On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life – Preface).

- the part of the sexual selection noticed by Erasme Darwin (1731 - 1802),

- the influence of the natural selection analyzed simultaneously but independently, by Charles Darwin (1809 - 1882) and Alfred Russel Wallace (1823 - 1913) ; nevertheless Charles Darwin has been the one who has had glory publishing in 1859, with all possible speed, his theory ; here is an extract of the conclusions :
"It is interesting to contemplate a luxuriant sea-side with many plants of many kinds, with birds singing on the bushes, with various insects which are flitting, with worms crawling under damp earth, if we are thinking that these forms so elaborately constructed, so different but which are dependent of so complex manner, have all been produced by laws acting around us.
These laws, taken in the largest sense, are : the growth's law ; the inheritance's law which presuppose almost reproduction's law ; variability law which is resulting of the indirect and direct action of the life conditions ; multiplication’s law … of which natural selection is consequence …. " (Cf. The Origin of Species by means of Natural Selection).

- Gregor Mendel (1822 - 1884) has uncovered of laws which concern the heredity, key structure (today named gene) which enables transmission of biological characters, and possibility to preserve in a potential state, some of these characters,
potential state, a state extremely rich in educations but, actually, which has never been the object of debates on behalf of the philosophers and theologians.

- Oskar Hertwig (1849 - 1922) and Eduard Adolf Strasburger (1844 - 1912) have shown, by means of the microscope, that cells's nucleus is seat of the heredity and that fertilization requires union of two sex cells (gametes), male and female.

Ernst Haeckel (on 1834 - 1919) has considered that individual development (ontogenesis) is outcome of historic developments subjected to heredity's constraints (phylogenesis).
He recognized besides, some non-normalities which affect development.
We think more specially to the heterochronies which are delays or accelerations in the development chronology during ontogenesis, because chronologies necessitate the taking into consideration of the durations,
these intervals which are not of the space !
How is it possible ?

Then were revealed other singular phenomena, let's quote :
- sudden changes of class by punctual structural jumps, which were distinguished by Karl Alfred von Zittel (1839 - 1904),
of jumps which contradict principle of gradual evolution of Darwin,

- physical separation between the sexual cells and cells of the body noticed by Friedrich Leopold Weismann ( 1834 - 1914) and Moritz Nussbaum (1850 - 1915), which leads, according to them, to fact that life's experiences cannot be transmitted to genes.
Although this relative independence of the sexual cells is recognized today, we do not agree however, with this conclusion ; indeed, the sexual cells cannot be independent because they are constantly fed and because primordial vectors of the genetic processes organisations, are electromagnetic waves,
of waves which cross the molecular, atomic and quantum spaces.
In other words, we doubt the unidirectional character of the processes organizations diffused at genetic level (current dogma of biologists) because we are "rooted" in a cyber universe where "sense" is omnipresent.

- after George Gaylord Simpson (1902 - 1984) scientists shall speak about average evolutions (horotelic evolutions), very slow evolutions (bradytelic evolutions), very fast evolutions (tachytelic evolutions), megaevolutions with change of genre, without forgetting the microevolutions and the macroevolutions dear to R Goldshmidt

- George Ledyard Stebbins (1906 - 2000) will confirm that evolution processes for the plants and animals are identical,

Already at this knowledge level it becomes evident that evolutions of species are more than adaptations to environment but, in the first place, outcomes of ceaseless activities of creation that take place in the cells, and which necessitate of permanent researchs of novelties,
of creations that often lead to increases of complexity, and give evidence of constraints insuperable as are showing dead ways of evolution and minor ways of evolution.
So, we are very remote from current comprehension according to which some laws and principles govern the universe and, ipso facto, the life's phenomenon.
Let us repeat it ceaselessly, the laws and principles are not operators, they have no faculty which enables them to recognize, judge, choose, decide,... and to act !

Then, "penetration" of the matter by modern means of analysis, will lead to new conceptualizations :
DNA ; RNA ; messenger RNA ; enzymes ; ribosomes which are micro-factories making proteins by means of "genetic softwares" ; chromosomal rearrangements by means of jumper genes which enable modifications of the genetic heritage ; neutral mutants which can become active so necessary : a main fact that gives evidence of genetic potentialities which can become realities and thus, that gives evidence of ceaseless creative activities and of a primordial intention.

Double helix model of the DNA will be work of James Dewey Watson (1928 - ), Francis Harry Compton Crick (1916 - 2004) and Maurice Hugh Frederick Wilkins (1916 - 2004), in the 1950s.
Henceforth, we know that molecule of DNA contains water, 50 to 95 % of its weight, what is considerable and which shows again, the major part which is played by water in life's phenomenon.

And will appear then, a stumbling-block of the knowledge, diffusion of information and of processes organizations within the beings.
Thus, in 1956, Severo Ochoa (1905 - 1993) and Arthur Kornberg (1918 - ) will discover transcription of the DNA on RNA polymerase.
Alas !, here is how scientists speak about diffusions of "sense" to molecular level:
"RNA polymerase (RNAP or RNApol) is an enzyme that makes a RNA copy of a DNA ; "RNA 3 polymerases" are responsible of the synthesis of short RNA as the RNAt ; …, RNA polymerase 2 catalyses the formation of the RNAm".
Alas, because for the one who is in a research of primordial causes, RNA does not made, RNA is responsible for nothing, …, RNA does not catalyse : it enables diffusion, synthesis, catalysis, …, it's very different !

Stumbling- block indeed, who does speak about :
- activities of transcendent order necessary for memorization and diffusion of the "sense" ?,
- transcendent order of faculties that enable recognitions, choices, chronology's respect … ?,
- universal field of the virtualities and potentialities, of which abstraction domain is singular expression ?

Let us insist more :
"Genetic code is a vast group of triplets of nucleotides, triplets that are named codons.
Series of DNA codons is converted in series of RNA messenger (mRNA) by action of an enzyme, and this new series is transcribed by the ribosomes ...,  
several codons code same amino acid ; there is so a redundance.
When a cell needs proteins or of enzymes, it transcribes the DNA series by copying it under shape of a RNA, and that, by using a specific enzyme which, itself, fabricates a RNA messenger ..." (Cf. Specialized literature).

Knowing that in body billions of cells are simultaneously concerned and even if we know in detail, chemical composition of the DNA, RNA, codons, enzymes, ribosomes, …, reading these extracts of texts, how not to challenge the current biological speeches ?
Can we believe that all these processes take place haphazardly, under laws's leadership, without an unique creative entity who "transcends" and co-ordinates all phenomena of this dynamics ?
Certainly not and we realize how much, understanding of the life's phenomenon, calls up more than the sciences : the philosophy and theology.

Actually, of numerous scientists are aware of the problem which is raised by respect of universal value’s references, notably of the durations, and by directional character of the evolution.
Nevertheless, in their great majority, let's dare to say it, "formated" during education, they are convinced that there are laws and principles which govern universe, and that the organs, the cells, the genes, …, are operators.

Is it necessary to quote other examples of speeches ? :
"Cells release messengers which act, or on cells that have made these messengers (autocrine effects), or on cells that are near (paracrine effects), or on remote cells when these messengers are transported by blood (endocrine effects)…. ,
work of a gene depends on its contex …,
the homeotic genes code proteins the rôle of which is to control expression of the other  genes ; they are thus regulator genes …".

Let's remind again, genes are specific means, more exactly genes are memories and vectors of processes organisations and of information which enable evolutions of the life's phenomenon , and it’s for it that they are so diverse,
a dynamics that respects value references, particularly durations because all beings's evolutions respect rigorous chronologies,
durations these intervals which are not space but of transcendent order.

Moreover, biologists speak to us about alterations which appear by hazard but with a constant rate in the time.
How, is it possible ?,
is not it necessary to reconsider hazard's understanding ?

2. 2. Potential state and actualization of potentialities (their materialization to become realities)

- Why (how) ceaseless creative activities that take place within singular domain where are memorized the genetic programs, have led to omnipresence of a bacterial world almost unchanged since about three billion years, and also, to emergence of men ?,
- what can we say about the activities that cannot be "fossilized", notably the ones which enable recognitions, judgments, selections, anticipations,…, and which express themselves by associations, agreements, harmonies, symbiosis, … ?,
- how to explain dynamics of the bacterial world which ignores basic principle of the evolution : every species progresses to reach a superior complexity ?,
- can we understand apparent superiority of certain beings of "small sizes" in front of life's constraints ?,
- why 80 % of the multicellular beings, the arthropods, in spite of their particularly rapid development, have not a propensity towards nervous complexity ?,
- what can we say about the potential overcapacities acquired, notably overcapacities to react and to protect itself ?,
- why (conscious) creativity of our distant ancestor, was so primary when he had intellectual and sensory organs comparable to ours ?

It was some main interrogations and facts which show evolution of species as correlative of ceaseless creative activities, and, also, as correlative of actualizations (materializations) of potentialities, notably genetic,
and it, in spite of, sometimes, insuperable constraints.

That is why we recognize to individuals of remarkable lineages, a “genetic potential”, not only which is characteristic of their complexity level, but also which can increase by means of ceaseless creative activities, of physical order and of transcendent order, until to attain, in particular circumstances, critical points (critical thresholds) at origin of sudden evolutions.

Let's quote other facts which give a credibility to this understanding :
- the adaptations to the environment by means of polyvalent genetic transformations which are representing of new potentialities (named exaptations by Gould and Vrba),
- the nucleotidic substitutions which are active when new environmental constraints appear (notably, that is why in the evolutions of species, there are of numerous successive periods of stability and of adaptations to the environment) ; so, more or less long periods of adaptation to the environment, correspond to lapses of time which are necessary for actualizing (so that become realities) the genetic potentialities.
- the increases of structural complexity by means of common biological entities to all beings, and which characterize the remarkable lineages,
- the resemblance between some evolutive processes of the life's phenomenon and of the inert matter ; for example at the time of complexity's increases, the resemblance between the bipolarity of the sexual reproduction mode and bipolarity of phase's transitions in the inert matter.

In reality, the periods of stability are illusory.
Life and world are fruits of continuous creations !
Moreover, the ceaseless creative activities do show that natural selection and adaptation to environment are not primordial causes which led, which lead to evolution of species.

As for phenomena which are said aleatory facts or fruits of the hazard :
who effects the coherent and necessary selections for surmounting inevitable extinctions which are consequences of the aleatory regroupings ?
The hazard ?
Certainly not !

2. 3. The interpretation, an absolutely necessary and universal process.

Do you believe for example, that the relational process between proteins and RNA (or a part of this one) can be expressed and explained only by means of some physical-chemical-mathematical formalizations ?
Evidently not, because, for example, necessary "processes organizations" for "body's construction", which are coded and memorized on a molecule of about "10 power minus 12" gr, must be interpreted (recognized, judged, …) as are, in human language, the letters, the words and the sentences.
Consequently, in a research of primordial causes, we cannot keep silence as for these interpretations,
and more precisely, we cannot ignore interpretation of electromagnetic waves's characteristics which are the vectors of biological processes organizations,
these electromagnetic waves which emanate of the particles, atoms and molecules constituting DNA and RNA,
under pretext that this process don't emerge from consciousness state.

Let's consider the mimesiss (mimetisms) of evolution, between individuals of different species.
All are integrated into rigorous and similar chronologies,
consequently for it, it is imperative that a same creative entity judges with same references, and utilizes them, in particular, lapses of time, durations, this intervals which are not space but of transcendent order.

The biological mutations also, are rich of information in this respect, if we interpret with more rigour, the current scientific speeches that treat of them.
Let's quote text of Michael Denton,
" two new discoveries :
- mutations's rhythm is equal to substitutions's rhythm …,
- change's rhythm, in case of numerous genes, is punctuated by a clock that is rotating, it seems, synchronically in all branchs of the life's tree … doubtless the proof, indirect, that all mutation processes which are changing the DNA sequences in the time, are led in fact, by some mechanism …
It is not doubtful that Gray, Owen and especially Robert Chambers would have seen in these results very strong arguments in favour of idea according to which evolution's course is determined, in some way, by a natural law." (cf. The Long Chain of Coincidence).
To interpret with more rigour, yes, because, we repeat again, a law, natural, even universal, is not an operator.

To analyze other biological processes would consolidate hardly more our argumentation.
Actually, all evolution modes of life's phenomenon presuppose,
- and the use of numerous value references ; let's think for example, to references which are necessary for coherence, development and replication of the genetic patrimony : " high - down", "forward - back ", "right - left", .... ,
- and the elaboration of information and of processes organizations at the molecular level,
what, naturally, implies faculties similar to those which enable, at the conscious level, recognitions, judgments, selections, ..., decisions and actions.
The scientific speeches cannot mask any more these essential facts.

At the present time, to explain dynamics of the life’s phenomenon, numerous biologists speak to us of rigorous (primordial) instructions emitted at cells's level, instructions which would be representative of a vital principle (to explain the functions and qualities peculiar of the beings).
What incredible naivety !

Some imagine also a "mental Darwinism" and postulate "existence" within brain, of a variety generator, even of a freedom generator.
This generator would feed permanently, a bank of possible representations of the reality which would be updated with lived experiences.
By whom would these virtual representations be selected, are they selected ?
Where are these virtual representations, in what virtual field, in what transcendent beyond ?

Is it in a plan of the structure ?, as expresses it Jacques Monod :
"… plan of the structure being present in its constituents, the epigenetic construction can therefore do itself, in a autonomous way, without outside intervention, without injection of new information. Information were present in the constituents, but unexpressed.
The epigenetic construction of a structure is not a creation, it's a revelation." (Cf. Hazard and necessity - Essay on the Natural Philosophy of Modern Biology).
What are primordial causes of this revelation ?

Is not it more exact to consider epigenetic construction as actualization of genetic potentialities (their materialization to become realities), and plan of the structure as a means, among others, which enables their memorization ?

As for information, particularly genetic, what is their essence, their order ?
What can we say about creative entity, "master of the sense", who recognizes them, who uses them ?

3. Emergence of the man

In July, 2001, researchers Mahamat Adoum, Fanone Gongdibe, Ahounta Djimdoumalbaye and Alain Beauvilain have discovered in Djourab desert in the Chad, a proto-hominid skull, maybe a hominid skull, of about 6 to 7 million years ; denominated Toumaï, he would represent an unknown phylum, today named : Sahelanthropus tchadensis.

Detailed study of this skull will require numerous years and multiple contradictory debates.
However, whatever they are, conclusions of these debates and the new discoveries in this domain, will say to us nothing about primordial causes which have been to origin of hominids's emergence.
Talking of this, how anthropo-biologists in their great majority can continue to believe that man emerged only because of environment's constraints, while we are the poles (centers) of ceaseless creations and of novelties researchs, at genetic level ?

As for current philo-biologists, we must too beware to their speechs when they speak to us, for example, of :

- cells which contain two metres of DNA arounded … and so the way the threads are folded inside the cell may make the reading of certain sequences easier than others,
- ribosomes, tiny factories inside the cells of the body, which get going when they receive a message that tells them to make a certain prottein,
- many gene products, the proteins, which must act together to generate biological functions at a high level, as rhythm of the heart, secretion of insulin by the pancreas, transmission of impulses in the brain, …,
- exon codes which can be combined in various orders to produce a full protein code,

by ignoring systematically,
and the transcendent character of the information (of the sense),
and the activities of transcendent order necessary for the elaboration, coding, recognition, memorization, transfer, transcription, …, and actualization (materialization to become realities) of processes organizations with biological effects, of processes organizations with behavioral effects, even with deadly effects.

They so attribute, powers and responsibilities to genes, to enzymes, to exons, to proteins, ..., and even to systems, to principles, to laws,
a disastrous understanding error !

Let's insist more and consider the genes with their function of replication, such as they are imagined by R. Dawkins :
"Now they swarm in huge colonies, safe inside gigantic lumbering robots, sealed off from the outside world, communicating with it by tortuous indirect routes, manipulating it by remote control. They are in you and me ; they created us, body and mind ; and their preservation is the ultimate rationale for our existence . (cf. Selfish Gene).

In this text and numerous theories which are set against it, as the one of Stephen Jay Gould who admits specific selections at several levels of organs's complexity, it is never discussed of the faculties and their order : transcendent, which give possibility to recognize, to read genetic messages, …, to judge according the value references of an universal system, to anticipate, to choose, to select, to integrate the evolutions and behaviors into rigorous chronologies, …, to communicate and to decide.

As for the electromagnetic waves which are primordial vectors of the sense, and the only means which enable from crossing quantum space that separate the particles and atoms which compose the molecules, biological or not,
dead silence !

Yes, it is sometimes talked of interpretation, thus :
"The DNA code has not sense if it is not interpreted in a functional way, first by the cellular machinery that initiates and controls transcription phase, and then by the interaction system of the highest level between proteins that generate superior physiologic functions. A gene can't do without this interpretation by the system. (cf. The Music of Life - Denis Noble).

But do you believe that cellular machinery and systems of interaction are able of such facts (exploits) ?
No, naturally; nevertheless, these means enable reading and use of this code, nuance !

We must moreover specify that genetic code is more than a complex group in space of specific molecules, first it's an extremely complex profusion of electromagnetic waves which are vectors of the genetic processes organizations.
Its recognition (its reading) therefore presupposes faculty from interpreting not only the frequencies and amplitudes of these waves but also, their interferences (their combinations) according to their spatial positions.

Thus, considering extreme variety of electromagnetic waves which enable the evolutions and behaviors of a being,
it is totally utopian to try to formalize only, with complex scientifical theories, the interactions which enable individual’s dynamics,
and even the interactions which enable a biological function.
So we have to be modest.

To live it is necessary to create and destroy, and also it is necessary to perceive and exchange ; besides, the DNA is not simply as it is said in a commonplace way, the life's book but an action plan which contains potentialities,
potentialities which require to be actualized (materialized to become realities) :
- a creative entity who judges them and uses them according value references, notably temporal,
- chemical elements (carbon, oxygen),
- simple molecules as the water,
- more or less complex molecules containing carbon,
- organs adapted at the complexity level of the beings.

To try to explain life one must therefore, also, to discuss of this operator, notably of his order (his nature), and of all means, physical, biophysical and transcendent that he uses,
knowing that these means necessitate of ceaseless exchanges of energies, of information and of processes organizations,
knowing that primordial vectors of the sense are electromagnetic waves, an essential fact which, regrettably, at this year 2013, is not recognized, even of which nobody talks,
knowing that life's dynamics, as any dynamics moreover, presupposes of myriads of imbalances, more or less important and more or less subtle, and naturally, implies their "management" by an only entity, master of the sense.

Vast and ambitious researchs the results of which are this day, only interpreted by upholders of the monism, without true spiritualists reactions.
So, about this operator, most advanced philo-biologists, speak to us as if he was a composer, soloist, organist, conductor, …, but they recognize him, incredible naivety and sadness, according to their speechs, in organs, laws, principles, processes, systems, …

Let's consider the biological systems ; even if some for example, are indispensable to various rhythms necessary for life (cardiac, respiratory, ...), does not mean at all, that they are operators ; these systems are biological means which enable oscillations specific and their regularity, nuance !
Consequently, inescapable interrogation :
who uses of such means ?

Evidently, we conceive how much for scientists, it is difficult to integrate into their theories (to put into), of factors which have no correspondence with reality (to express by mathematical formulas the psychic energy, intention, the will, desire,..., and their implications in matter, a true wager !), nevertheless they will have to take into consideration them, sooner or later, it would be only because:
- recognition of any phenomenon and any organization implies a state of transcendency (it is notably necessary to be outside of phenomena to judge them),
- animals have their own abstraction domain where, as ours, "cohabit" their past experiences, their present and their anticipations, thus a domain which is timeless and transcendent ; some, as the chimpanzees, have even a proto consciousness state

We also know that one must continue to research, in all domains, for assuring everyday life and to anticipate future ; however the already acquired knowledges seem to us today sufficient for conceiving new and credible answers to essential interrogations which still haunt humanity.
For that all the experimental and abstract "ways" are necessary,
- of the infinitely small to our macro state of be, and inversely,
- of the quantum state to consciousness state, and inversely,
- by means of introspection,
because with only paleontology, biology and neurobiology never we shall really penetrate life's mystery, in particular, never we shall know primordial causes which have been at origin of the mankind's emergence.

Life's phenomenon and its processes can then be meditated under other lightings.

Let's consider the genetic material's redundancy that was never explained in a satisfactory way.
Since genetic code’s vectors are electromagnetic waves and since we evolve in an infinitely complex "bath" of these waves because any state of the reality vibrates,
it is naturally vital to eliminate those which are harmful.
Now, the most effective systematic biological process is the mixing (the addition, the superposition) of these waves by means of the perceptions' redundancy.
That is why too, we are convinced that in every being, hazard is taken into consideration although its negative effects are not all totally annihilated,
a fact that shows obviously, that evolutions of species, ipso facto of the inert matter, "answer" to a mysterious objective, more exactly, to a mysterious necessity.

Another remarkable lighting, that of the quantum physics which enables from asserting that we are all "rooted" in the universe because our components are constantly built and reconstructed by exchanges of myriads of cosmic particles.
Thus, and knowing besides, that the evolutions's coherence is made by means of,
- physico-chemical relations of which only some ones are accessible by experiments,
- activities of transcendent order notably because in every being there are elaboration, recognition, diffusion and memorization of processes organizations with biological effects, of processes organizations with behavioral effects, and even with deadly effects,

how reasonably not to believe that we are the extraordinary centers ("pôles") of transcendent activities that concern universe which is near us, for motive of our quantum relations ?

Besides, the life's phenomenon being a world's potentiality actualized (materialized to become a reality) if state conditions of a planet are adequate,
we can also believe that complex beings as human, are indispensable for managing the world's dynamics.
In other words, we can believe that coherence of the universe's evolutions, this eternal, and for ever, unfinished work, requires permanent centers (pôles) of powerful, extremely complex and all-embracing interactions,
centers that, mysteriously and correlatively, are constructed and reconstructed with of ceaseless and laborious researchs of novelties.

For all these reasons,
we consider that nobility and responsibility of the man originate from creative entity of transcendent order, who manages universe,
and we are convinced that this entity who recognizes herself in the I (me, ego, subject, spirit), is non-almighty, particularly because existence is "determined" by primordial experiences, environment and individualization.
We understand better too why there have been during long history of the life's phenomenon, there are still, of slightly different actualizations of identical genetic potentialities, in several distinct regions,
of slightly different actualizations which led notably, to almost simultaneous emergence of the Neanderthal man and Cro-Magnon man the ancestor of the modern man.

Man, is not he an universal necessity rather than a specific creation ?!

Paul Moyne

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At 5:19am on August 2, 2013, moyne paul said…

What aberration, how intelligentsia can she believe that laws and principles govern universe, a disastrous "drift" (an error) of understanding, which is diffused by the scientists and admitted, without opposition, by the philosophers and theologians.
In universe, fruit of ceaseless creations and continual "renewals", there are unchanging behaviors and some ways of evolution that we can, partially, represent by laws and principles, what is very different. Besides, matter is memory and vector of information and of processes organizations, notably genetic, and the primordial vectors of the "sense" are electromagnetic waves, and who says "processes organizations", presupposes, naturally, interpretation and transcendency (transcendent state).
Then, what can we say about creative entity, who, eternally, manages world ?, who judges, uses value references, particularly durations these intervals which are not space but of transcendent order, chooses, ..., in man recognizes herself in the I (ego, subject, spirit) and theorizes ?
We are evolving in a cyber world and thus, of substantial increases of processes organizations and of information in inert matter owing to remarkable augmentations of memory capacities of some specific molecular structures that were containing carbon and of the water, have been a main cause in life's appearance. So, life's phenomenon is a universal potentiality which is inexorably actualized (materialized to become realities) if certain conditions on a planet are adequate.


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